Daniel Klibanoff – Focusing on Direct Marketing Tools for Better Business Growth

Daniel Klibanoff – Focusing on Direct Marketing Tools for Better Business Growth

Businesses are constantly exploring opportunities to grow in the market. However, only a few honestly manage to succeed. Customers today are savvy, and they have a plethora of options available to them in a single business niche. This means you must have a compelling marketing message to reach out to them with a lead-conversion for your business. The content of your marketing message should be precise and to the point. Customers have become savvy and do not have much time to waste reading long advertisements. Include a strong call-to-action at the end of your business message to guide customers on what to do next when they want to respond.

Daniel Klibanoff – How does direct marketing help you?

It is the age of the Internet, so optimize direct marketing to its fullest if you really wish to establish your business brand in the modern competitive market. Asheville, North Carolina’s leading serial entrepreneur Daniel Klibanoff is a widely respected name in direct marketing with 38 years of valuable experience under his belt. Known for his successful track record, he is an authoritative figure in the market today.

Talk to your customers directly with your offers

According to him, if you do not use direct marketing for your business today, your company will soon sink into oblivion. Direct marketing helps you to reach out to your customer directly. You do not need middlemen like digital marketing to promote your services or products. In indirect marketing, you need their presence to boost lead conversions. For instance, online reviews and search engine optimization. However, the scenario here changes for direct marketing as you are in charge and totally controlling your campaign.

Get creative with your marketing campaigns

Emails, social media, and display ads on the Internet are the major tools of direct marketing you must embrace for your business. The content of them should be short and concise. Ensure you include a call-to-action in your ads for the customer to respond directly. When it comes to boosting lead conversions, you can offer an attractive discount or give the targeted customer a free sample or trial to test the product or service.

Give your visitors a seamless experience

When you are using your site for lead conversions, ensure it does not have annoying pop-up ads to interrupt your visitors’ browsing experience. You can use pop-ups for your site; just ensure they do not surface too frequently, or you will lose potential customers forever.

The images of your products must be a clear and high-in resolution on your site. The links to the product page should be working, and the call-to-action should be visible for the visitor to respond immediately.

According to Daniel Klibanoff, when it comes to drafting your emails, keep your pitches short and include the offer clearly in the subject line of the mail. Everyone gets constant emails in their inbox, so ensure the words you use in the sentence are compelling enough for the recipient to click open and buy your product/service.