Decorate Your Home with Concrete Stencils

Decorate Your Home with Concrete Stencils

Concrete stencils are an easy and inexpensive way to add a little decor and style to your utilitarian floor. You can use them for giving a brick or stone look to your patio by incorporating elaborated patterns to the floor. You can apply the Concrete stencils on existing concrete as well as freshly laid concretes.

How To Apply Concrete Stencils

After the concrete is placed, the slab is edges, floated and screened in the usual manner. Then, when the concrete is free of excessive bleed water but yet wet, the concrete stencil is then placed on the surface. Placing the utensil needs two people, one holding the concrete stencil roll and the other person holds the uncoiled end on the opposite side of the concrete slab. Then, a special stencil roller you can plaster the stencil to the slab once it is laid down.

You must lay the concrete stencils and work with them one at a time. The stencils are die cut, hence the strips should be set in a specific way to make sure the pattern continuity is maintained. This process is similar to aligning the strips of wallpapers with the pattern. After you have laid down the concrete stencils on the slab, cut it approximately ⅛ inside the form boards for allowing it to swell. Then use the hand float to keep it stuck to the edges.

Adding The Colors To The Stencils

After the stencils are set, adding the colour is the next step. For that, use the hand broadcast colour on the surface. And then with a bull float work it into the slabs. For this process, the concrete should be wet and have enough moisture that the hardener can absorb. Hence, it is dome right after the application of the concrete stencils.

Adding The Texture

Texture improves the look of the floor. You can use texture roller or seamless texture skin on stone and brick stencil patterns. It gives the surface slightly rough profile and a more realistic look. Texturing the slab is not needed with the tile pattern. You can smooth any imperfection by using Fresno or trowel. A powdered or liquid antiquing release agent is used on the surface before texturing. Run the roller over the slab when it is firm enough to handle the weight of the roller and yet plastic enough to receive the texture. You can use rollers with different textures for creating a variety of decorative effects.

The Effect

After the slab is textured, you can remove the concrete stencils. This is the time when you see the magic of the stencils and textures. One person should stand on each side of the slab and should remove the last piece of stencil laid first. You should remove the stencils straight up from the ends. When the cement stencils are completely removed, dispose of them.

The next day, you can clean the release agent can be, the control joints are saw cut and finally, and then seal the surface. You can also use cement stencils on the existing concrete. Sandblasting or acid etching are the two popular methods for stenciling the existing concrete slab. And you can find as many patterns for them as well.