Different Types of Abaya to make You Look Stylish

Different Types of Abaya to make You Look Stylish

Abaya is a traditional Muslim wear, worn by the women. It is basically a black cloak that covers your entire body and made of synthetic material. But, the desire to be fashionable has brought several changes in the apparel and today. Abaya is regarded as one of the modern clothes that are a famous combination of modesty and fashion. Fashion designers are experimenting with colors, designs, and fabric of abaya. Therefore, different types of abaya are available if you shop abaya online or from retail shops. If you want to attend any formal occasion or just going out with friends, wearing abaya is absolutely fine for you. Here are certain types of abaya that will give you different look. Read on to know more-

  1. The Open Button Abaya

The name suggests the design of it. There are buttons on the front. You will need to wear trousers or leggings under it. There are lots of benefits of wearing this abaya. If you are a new mom, you can easily breastfeed your kid while wearing this abaya. Apart from that, as the abaya is open from the front section, your movement is not restricted to this dress. You can be flexible and comfortable while wearing this dress. This type of abaya can be worn at any type of occasions.

  1. The Closed Abaya

This is the most traditional form of the abaya. It is simple and black and there is no button on the front side. You can wear it from the top and you don’t need to wear any trousers beneath it. Only tights will do. You can easily slip into the dress and don’t need to worry about loose buttons. Though it creates your movement a bit restricted, still the loosely fitted dress makes you comfortable. If you want to go experimental while wearing the traditional abaya, you can wear designer wear. Embroidery work goes perfectly well with this type of abaya.

  1. The Kimono Abaya

Though kimono is a Japanese dress, the kimono-style abaya is also famous among Muslim ladies. Here, the design is different as one side crosses the other and creates a layer. This is one of the most modern designer abayas you can wear at any occasions. You can wear it with pants, skirts or even with dresses. This looks adorable on you and any formal parties or corporate occasions where you can wear it.

  1. The Abaya Cardi

This is another modern abaya that makes you look awesome. You can wear it with belt and sash. This is almost like kimono abaya. It makes you feel comfortable and you can be flexible enough in this dress. You need to wear trousers or skirts beneath it.

These are certain types of abaya that Muslim women can wear to look gorgeous. Wear high heels like a stiletto and carry small purse or clutch with the abaya. As it is a fully covered dress, you should avoid taking anything oversized with it as it will make you look clumsy. If you buy women’s abaya, you should remember it.