Different Variations of Taper Fade Haircuts You Didn’t Know Existed

Mens Haircuts

The taper fade haircuts have been in the men’s hairstyling niche for so long. These iconic and stylish styles don’t seem to exit any time soon. They offer a masculine, yet cute appearance that is ideal for both formal and informal settings.

However, these are not only the variations of taper fade haircuts you can have. There is a pool of styles you can choose from. We have the best hairstyles that will leave you feeling fresh and looking romantic. Take a gander and be inspired. Menshaircuts.com provides you with both skin, low, medium and high taper styles that looks great when combined with short haircuts.

  1. Low Taper Fade.

The low taper fade begins slightly above your ear and proceeds around the line of the hair in a curvy shape and ends at the neck. This is a perfect style for office men who wants a cute and fresh haircut. And since low taper haircuts don’t create sharp contrast on the back and sides, you can opt to maintain top hair long.

Mens Haircuts

  1. High Taper Fade.

This is a badass look that begins slightly at the top of your head. The high taper haircut is a suitable look for men who need a sharp contrast look that embraces the short-shaved sides and long top hair trend. Since the high fade blends faster with the faded hair at the back and sides, this style emphasizes your eyes and the long hair on top.

  1. Mid Taper Fade.

This is guys who need something between low fade and high fade. The tapering of the hair begins halfway both at the back and the sides giving you a fresh middle part that is not too dull or sleek. The benefit of the mid taper is that it rocks all hairstyles, hair types, and lengths. Whether you have straight or curly hair, long or short hair, fine or thick hair you will find medium fade haircut a great style to wear.

  1. Faded Tapered Undercut.

If you are looking for a natural-looking taper fade hairstyle, then look no further. This is what you want. Different from other tapered haircuts, this one doesn’t involve shaving down, which seems like a more faded undercut. It is an ideal haircut to choose of your hair is wavy.

  1. Neck Taper.

Some men like a light approach to any hairstyle, so this neck taper is for them. This styling method emphasises on the nape or the back of your neck. Only the hair at the back is faded until where it ends.

  1. Deep Part with Taper.

While this haircut looks like a comb-over, what makes it unique is its deep part. Styled in a clear surgical line, the highlighted part rejuvenates the entire haircut. The ultimate outcome is a clean haircut and chic indeed.