Do Comparison Between a Hopper and an Awning Window to Make the Right Choice

Not having the idea about which type of window would suit the small space? Don’t want to compromise on curb appeal and functional benefits of the home? Confused between a hopper window and an awning window? Don’t worry, below is a brief comparison on how to make the right choice:

What are Awning Windows?

Awning windows are commonly available in the market and most of the homes are having this window type in different rooms. So, what turns out to be an important thing is to know more and more about their appearance and functionality.

Initially, an awning window was designed to maximize airflow into the home. They didn’t need inhabitants to use air conditioners, thereby reducing energy consumption. Their design allows inhabitants to let in cool breeze into the home. They are mounted at the top and use a crank to open securely.

Nowadays, an awning window is available in a modern design as compared to its simple ones available a few years ago. Their aesthetics and functionality are associated with fabric awnings that have a long history of usability and other benefits.

Modern awnings look similar to ancient fabric awnings, which means that they have the same style and operation for the homes.

What are Hopper Windows?

If homeowners are not satisfied with an awning window, they can go for a hopper window. It is completely opposite to an awning window, meaning that it offers new perks and benefits for the users. Homeowners would have seen a lot of hoppers in their surroundings but, quite a few are aware of their history and functional benefits.

Basically, it is the invention of modern era, which means that homeowners can expect a lot from hopper windows. They can prevent dirt and debris from entering the homes while do not allow unwanted contaminants to cause disturbance to the inhabitants.

Hopper windows are hinged to the bottom that gives more strength and security to the place. Just like awning windows, hopper windows work as an incredible space saver. They can be installed in basements and bathrooms due to their need of more light and ventilation. Their functionality increases when they are installed up on the wall. They give optimal security and privacy to the rooms and can even work in small spaces without compromising on any of the aspects.

Make a Comparison!

Needless to say, both window styles are quite effective in their respective areas. They can work efficiently in tightly spaced rooms that need occasional breeze and natural light. They are a good addition to small places because of their standard sizes.

Last but not the least, a hopper and an awning window is best to maintain energy efficiency. Homeowner just have to pay attention on one fact – lock them when not in use by creating an airtight seal so that no one could take benefit of the situation.