How to easily Accept Bitcoin Payments in WordPress Website?

Are you thinking to accept payment on your WordPress website.?Bitcoin is the best way and makes easy to accept the payment in all over the world. Most of the online business are accepting the Bitcoins as well as other digital currencies. The WordPress WooCommerce allows us to take these type payment. This blog will describe that what actually is it, how can be possible and all about it.

What is Bitcoin?

It was created by an unknown person who released his nickname Satoshi Nakamato in 2009. Nowadays this currency getting more popular. We can call it a digital currency that allows us secret and safe transactions over the Internet. There is no one person having in between the transactions, it means that this process will not get involved with any states, banks or other financial institutions.

Bitcoins come into the process of mining, by which transactions are verified and added with public and log(register). Through this, a new bitcoin will be released. Anyone who is having a powerful network and hardware will hold the all transactions by using their mathematical power which gives a verification process for financial transactions. The people are participating to solve the process of compiling recent transactions as miners. People who solved this problem (puzzle) quickly, they get rewards.

Bitcoins are getting more popular as it came over the internet. It is used by many vendors and buyers. We can say, it is a freedom for those people who want online payment.

Why Accept Bitcoin Payments in WordPress?

Using Woo Commerce we can create an e-commerce store in WordPress or can use other plugins. This stage gives the opportunity to accept online payment using Stripe, 2Checkout, PayPal and by other gateways.

Anytime, every gateway will not available. Choice of every user will be differentiated and some of them may don’t want to use their credit cards. Bitcoins gives the facility to use online payment by anyone from anywhere in the world. Once if you will get payments into your bitcoins account, then it is easy to transfer to your bank account. People started using it, though its popularity is increasing day by day.

The benefit of accepting Bitcoin:

  1. Digital: Because everything is getting online for our facility. In online business, it is so beneficial to transfer the currency or buying anything via online payment. It doesn’t need a third-party banking in the process of the transaction. It is handled by the digital network (known as blockchain), which is registered in the unknown form of record of transactions.
  2. Security: Bitcoin is the unknown form which is not understandable by normal people which give it security. It should be connected separately in order to place on first in the payment process. You don’t have to give your personal information in case of Bitcoin Payment.
  3. Simplicity: Here online payment is very comfortable and they don’t have to take tension for paying any payment. The Bitcoin is good to use in all over the world. And there is not any currency exchange problem.

Getting Started with Bitcoin

  • First of all, sign up for Bitpay account (called as a Bitcoin wallet). It is a software used for sending or retrieving the Bitcoins and save in your bitcoin account.
  • Install a WordPress Bitcoin plugin on your computer and on your phone.
  • To learn more about wallets that which one better for you Bitcoin Wallets page. Bitpay will give the facility to conversion, exchange and transfer to a bank account or in Bitcoin wallet.
  • At the time of sign up, it will ask to select services.  You had to select ‘Business Account’ if your website is selling the products and services and going to the transaction of payment to your bank account.

Adding Personal Information for creating your account

  • You can add your personal information for creating the account.
  • If already signed up, you will get started on the dashboard. In this process, you will get the three steps need to verify your account.
  • Verify your email address. For verifying the business account provide your business information. Give your bank account information or address of bitcoin wallet.
  • After these steps, your WordPress Website is ready to accept payments. Bitpay is providing multiple ways to take payments in Website.

Accept Bitcoin Payments in WordPress with BitPay

It is the best option for those users, who are not using the shopping cart e-commerce plugin on their WordPress Website. Bitpay gives permission to create buttons for payment of selling items. For this, go to Payment Tools page which comes into the dashboard of BitPay and then clicks Payment buttons.

  • It will display a page for generating button. Fill your business name, item description and payment amount.
  • In this fill your browser redirects URL. It will help to sell digital thinks like eBook, music and software. This URL page could be that page from there user can download the file. Click on Generate to proceed.
  • Now BitPay is ready to show you the code of generating button and sizes of the button. Select the size of a button which is comfortable for you and copy the code of this button. Go to the WordPress Website and edit the page to adding the code of button.
  • Paste the code into the text editor which is copied from BitPay Website and see your changes.
  • You can see your site to check out action of your button

That’s all in our behalf. We hope that this article helped you to accept payment in WordPress Website. For more information keep an eye on our blog and our WordPress Website to fix your any WordPress issue.