Five Special things that makes UrbanClap different than similar apps

Nowadays, apps for professionals are getting increasingly popular, and there are just so many popular apps, they are impressive and leverages technology to get us finest of the professionals around. But, out of all these, UrbanClap is my favorite, and here are five reasons why:

The number of professional services: UrbanClap takes the first spot in this field because it has got lots of professional services. Although the number of services does vary by city, there are certainly more professional services than the other two similar apps. Notably, UrbanClap services in all top cities and it does have the plan to expand in more cities in a very short period of time. Whether you want packers and movers in Bangalore or Pune, UrbanClap has everything in it.

Bidding process: A quick bid creation process, followed by equally swift turnaround time. While compared to other apps, it may get less number of professionals, but they are relevant, and relevance does matter. For instance, if you search anything on Google, you might get a million results, but you would pick up top 3! And that’s why Google has a separate option that says I am feeling lucky to take us to the very first page because that’s the most relevant page. That’s how UrbanClap streamlines stuff, where a wedding photographer really wouldn’t call you if you are looking for a kid’s photographer unless they have the expertise to in doing the job.

Ratings: Again a big plus, recommendation serves us good, and everyone looks at that. It motivates professional to deliver perfect service to get a better rating from the user, which definitely helps them grow their business, and improve their quality. In any ecosystem, there should be a check and balance, and the ratings are such checks that help the user to balance between ratings and fare in order to make a better choice.

User interface: Not all phones are powered ample of ram, often there is resource crunch on our smartphones that typically come preloaded with 12-15 apps, and a glitch in the user interface is the last thing that we want. UrbanClap scores well here, not only it takes up very limited resources, but judicially uses ram to maximize performance, we tried it on very low ended phones to see the performance and it was significantly better than its peers. Not a single crappy screen freeze, the app ran smoothly.

Customer service : Again a neglected feature, but a great way to judge app’s capability, any good app will have great commitment to customer service, and that goes with any app, so here was a test that we ran, we sent a dummy email to UrbanClap support telling them there was some bug with the application to test how they would respond, and the answer was swift, in fact, swift enough to take us by surprise, and they asked us for screenshot or detailed description, since there was none, we didn’t bother to reply, but one thing was certain – UrbanClap’s commitment to customer service, everything else is irrelevant if not backed with great flair for customer service. Many patrons for example, who have taken services like packers and movers in Pune and other cities swear by its name.

There are yet many other things that define the success of an app, but these key features determine the direction in which the product or service is headed towards. There is plenty of time to explore and debate and pros and cons, but certainly in these five key aspects, UrbanClap appeared as a clear winner, however maintaining the same quality at the time of expansion would be a challenge, because so far, it claims to have the highest standards of service and robust checks that might not be practical while expanding in small cities. Moreover, the ad-free structure really adds to UrbanClap’s advantage and attracts more users. The tariffs are competitive and the word among users is favorable. After prolonged usage of this app, we certainly recommend you to try your hands on this app for an improved experience to access quality professional services.