How to Flush THC Out of Your System Naturally

When it comes to how to flush THC out of your system, for fear of a drug test coming up soon, it’s important to be aware that there’s really no foolproof natural method to do so. A lot of anecdotal support does exist for certain natural methods and detox drinks available online, but there’s no guarantee with any of these things because there are just too many variables. Human bodies are all very different machines and there are so many factors involved related to your health and genetics. That being said, with a bit of time and combining multiple strategies, there is a chance to trick urine tests at least. Hair follicle and blood tests are a whole different beast to tackle, but luckily these are rarely used and generally only in very serious contexts.

The very first step is, of course, stop smoking! The worst thing you can do is continue to smoke obviously, so grit your teeth and get ready to white knuckle it if you’ve had a long-running habit. If you rarely smoke, your chances are infinitely better than a regular user’s because THC is stored in your fat cells for longer and longer depending on the frequency of ingestion.

Exercise is a good next step, but only if you have a good few weeks of advanced notice because exercise promotes the release of metabolites. That means if you start exercising heavily just a couple days before the test, you’re more likely to release a high amount of THC metabolites in your urine.

As far as dietary strategies, natural diuretics (foods and drinks which cause an increased passing of urine) have been anecdotally praised all over the web. Things like coffee or cranberry juice can be used to keep you striking a leak over and over, but this absolutely must be combined with a healthy diet and an abundance of water. You can’t hope for this strategy to work if you don’t maintain a healthy, ideally low fat, diet because your overall health has a huge impact on how your body will handle this process. Your pee will end up looking very clear with this method, so it’s recommended to take a vitamin B complex supplement a few hours before the test is taken to return your pee to a normal, yellow color. A few other dietary supplements which may or may not help are zinc and papain, which have shown a bit of promise in real studies.

There are plenty more wacky ideas out there and some have some pretty strong anecdotal backing, so if you’re in a position to worry about how to flush THC out of your system you better get going on prowling some forums and message boards.