Get rain-ready this season

It’s the time to stock up on new windbreakers, monsoon-ready shoes and light clothing. We sort you your monsoon wardrobe for you.

It’s that time of the year again – when the rain lashes the city and brings the searing hot temperatures down. As the skies turn grey and the air becomes damp and cool, you yearn for the warmth of your bed and a hot cup of coffee in your hands. You stare with yearning at the rain outside, wondering if you should get out of the house and enjoy the showers or stay put warm in your bed.

But you must get out at some point, and when you do, you will need to be dressed appropriately for the weather. And so, you will need to buy new things – here’s where online shopping sites in India come into play.

Get whatever you need, from indoors

Who says you have to trudge through the shops to buy new clothes, shoes and bags for the monsoon? Just whip out your favourite shopping site or app and start clicking on whatever you need to buy. Then just complete the purchase and have the products delivered to your doorstep.

Here’s what you need to stock up on this monsoon, with the help of your online shopping app:

* Windbreaker or raincoat. This is the first item you need to purchase. Do choose a colour and design that goes with your ensemble and which provides adequate protection on the wildest rain days. Or if you would rather prefer it, then a full length raincoat might be better. Look for suitable colour and size options online.

* Rainwear shoes. The next item to purchase is a pair of durable rubber or plastic shoes that repel water and keep your feet dry. We recommend rain wear shoes that have perforations or open toes, at the very least. These drain out water from the shoes and dry up faster. Look for open back sandals with straps if you want maximum comfort and hygiene. You can wash them quickly if your feet are mucky. Avoid flip flops because they tend to ‘fly up’ with every step and get muck and water on the back of your clothes.

* Light, quick drying fabrics. Stow away your heavy woollens and white cotton, because the monsoon season is quite muddy. Apart from mud and dirty water, you can also get grass stains on your clothes. The key lies in wearing quick drying fabrics like rayon and polyester, so that your clothes can dry up quickly if you get soaked outdoors. Avoid heavy cotton or silk during the season – they don’t dry quickly enough and can make you feel cold and miserable.

* Waterproof makeup and beauty products. You don’t want rivers of mascara down your face or your face powder to run down your cheeks when it rains. Stock up on waterproof makeup products from your favourite online shopping app in India. Do note that the season wreaks havoc on your skin and hair – retain your skin’s glow with a good cleanser and moisturiser, and get a suitable hair oil to massage the hair roots and strengthen them against humidity.