Get to Know Foot Infections and Solve it with Onycosolve

Foot Infections

Everybody is prone to infections, no doubt about that. Almost everybody gets infected at least once in their lifetime. Even if we do everything in our power to stay clean and sanitized, there’s still a chance that you will get an infection. And the most used body part is our feet. So it’s no surprise if people get toenail infections or foot infections. Lucky for us, several antifungal remedies are available in drugstores so we can prevent the infection from getting worse. One of these is called Onycosolve, which is an antifungal spray. You can do an Onycosolve test  and see the results right away.

If you suspect that your toenail may be infected, there are several symptoms that you need to keep a lookout on. Also, knowing the causes will help you prevent these infections from happening again. It’s best to stay safe than sorry! Use Onycosolve and avoid infection from spreading!

Know The Symptoms of A Foot Infection

Foot Infections

It is essential to know the symptoms of a foot infection because you will never know if you will get it. It’s also because you will want to know if that itch in your foot is already an infection or not. Once you know the symptoms, you can easily apply medication.

  • Bad Smell – If your foot permeates a bad smell, then you probably have an infection. Excessive sweating can live bacteria on your skin, and this bacteria can cause an unpleasant odor.
  • Sweating – If you notice that your feet are constantly sweating, it may also be an infection developing in the area.
  • Itchy Feet – An itchy foot is another sign of an infection. It may be because an internal infection is already forming.

Spot the Causes of a Foot Infection

Once you already know your foot infection symptoms, it’s time to ponder how you got it. It may be because of diabetes, a weakened immune system, or other reasons. It’s also necessary to know the different causes to avoid getting infected again in the future.

  • Public Pools – One of the places where infection could quickly spread are pools and saunas. Infection can spread through water. If you’re not attentive enough, you might find yourself already suffering from a foot infection.
  • Antibiotics – If you are taking antibiotics, it can weaken your immune system for a short time. This makes you prone to infections.
  • Contracting from a family member – Foot infections are contagious, so it’s no surprise if your whole family gets infected in a short period of time. So it’s better to stay away from them if one of them has an infected foot.