Guide on What to Expect in a Luxury Drug Rehab

Guide on What to Expect in a Luxury Drug Rehab

Checking in into a Get more details on Malibu rehab center can be a scary experience for addicts who have never been to a rehab before. They want to know what kind of activities will take place during their stay. Learning what is to be expected of you in rehab can help you to be prepared. 

  1. Detox Phase

Phase one of the addiction treatment requires patients to participate in a detox program. In the detox phase, all drugs will be taken away in order to get your body clean. The detox phase is a short session that lasts for a few days to more than 1 week depending on your individual circumstances. 

  1. Structured Timetable

There will not be a lot of free time for you to do your own things. You are expected to follow a structured timetable to keep you busy throughout the day. The structured timetable can help addicts to recover faster in the early days. The staff will schedule some free time where you can carry out recreational and leisure activities. 

  1. Counseling Programs

Every day, you are supposed to attend a counseling session. Group and individual counseling are the two types of counseling sessions offered at a luxury rehab. Group session puts emphasis on sharing your experiences and getting support in the form of advice from others who are going through the same addiction. In individual session, you will receive counseling from a trained addiction counselor. Both individual and group counseling aims to teach you survival skills so that you can live a drug free life. It will teach you in recognizing risky situation and how to avoid the temptation.

  1. Family Meeting

Some luxury rehab includes family meetings as part of the treatment. Family meetings can improve the recovery of the patient according to research. The family meetings may be carried out from the start to the end of the rehab program. With family meeting, your family members will be educated on what they can do to help you achieve sobriety. They will also realize their mistakes in what they have done that have contributed to your drug addiction.

  1. Aftercare Program

The luxury drug rehab offers aftercare program that can continues for weeks and months after you have quit the rehab program. Your counselor should understand you now and can craft a suitable aftercare program to help you on your recovery journey. The aftercare program may consist of taking part in outpatient treatment and your counselor will be following up on your progress.

  1. You Can Leave at Anytime

Even after you check into a rehab, you still have the choice to walk out if you want. However, you must remember that you will never come out of your addiction cycle if you choose to leave the facility. The key to a successful recovery is to be willing to admit your addiction and receive treatment. If there is no willingness, there won’t be a positive outcome no matter how long you stay at the rehab.