Sometimes teachers face a lot of issues while teaching Maths to the students. It’s because some students are scared of learning Maths. Few students become anxious while solving mathematical problems, which is not a good symptom. They think Maths is not a cup of tea for them. But that’s not true. Everyone can learn how to do calculations and solve problems. They only need to get the logic used in Mathematics. Hence, teachers can use here some useful tips to build their confidence.

The math fundamentals like arithmetic operations, geometrical shapes, etc. are an easy task for students. But topics like algebraic expressions, linear equations in one variable, etc., which consist of complex equations, are a bit difficult for some students to deal with. So how can teachers help them to reduce their anxiety for Maths?

Make Them Confident

Provide students with routine confidence-building activities that look challenging but empower all students to do well. This increase in confidence and self-potency can lower anxiety and fear, as students feel more and more proficient and motivated.


Sharpen the basic skills of Students

Providing students chances to practise and comprehend essential skills for the computational flow is essential. Teachers should make students exercise reasoning maths and necessary maths skills frequently, consolidating them into games and warm-up activities.

Solve Step by Step

Teachers should follow a step by step procedure to solve critical problems. Some of the problems based on difficult concepts, like Differential Equations, are typical to solve. This type of solution becomes a lot of information for a student to absorb at once. A break in understanding can be a considerable barrier to growth, so it is essential that students fully master each step before moving on.

Approach of Teacher

A teacher’s approach towards math can have a significant influence on student’s as well. Teachers are contributing in formulating positive and active learning environments, such as by combining maths puzzles and games into demonstrations and examples.

By expressing an entertainment and appreciation of Maths, teachers can promote a wholesome relationship with the subject for students.