How much do you know about photo booth?

photo booth

In the past, photo booths were those that were commercially placed in places with heavy traffic, where you had to insert a coin and pay for each photo you took. However, for some years a new trend has been breaking through to become a resource widely used by event planners at celebrations of all kinds, from weddings to night parties, through baptisms, communions, fairs, congresses and much more. Click here for photo booth.

The use of the photo booth today

At present, the photo booth is an essential element in almost any type of event .Not only because they are able to offer guests a perfect opportunity to break the ice, but because it will ensure that they interact with each other in a very fun context. And in almost any event, that attendees enjoy and keep a good memory that encourages them to return for the next one is one of the objectives to be met. Visit this site for photo booth.

photo boothWhat types of photo booth exist?

Usually, the booths photo booth can be of two different styles.

Closed photo booth

The most common are closed photo booths, composed of a closed structure either by curtains, walls, panels or a combination of these. They aim to hide prying eyes from the pictures taken inside, which guarantees that those who are not willing to make a fool of themselves in public can make the most of the photo booth.

Open photo booth

On the other hand, open photo booths are simply that . A totem with a photographic system and assisted by some light bulbs that give it the perfect lighting touch, along with an attractive background that reflects the theme of the event in question.