How SoundCloud Changed and Influenced the Music World Forever

Most, if not all great ideas are the simplest ones and there are not a lot of things simpler than Soundcloud. In its 7 or 8 years of existence, it has steadily someone one of the top music-related platforms on the Internet. How did it found there?

The answer is, slowly but surely & with the help of some creator as diverse as the satellite. Today’s SoundCloud is what My Space was to emerging band in 2005. Well, except without all these blling nonsense. You can upload all your favorite music, follow your favorite bands or singer’s new posts, save the songs and re-post them.

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It is music inter-action &recognition distilled to its purest form. It is the home of many famous bands or artists. That is why it is very distressing when news be gain to circulate about Twitter’s plan to buy the platform. The good news is the talks between SoundCloud and Twitter officials suspended because it is one of the platforms on the satellite that the universe, (artistically) would be bad off without.

SoundCloud is higher than just a plan for independent musicians or artists looking for an opportunity to get discovered by a bigger audience as well as music labels. If you need to find out new songs from your indie band or singers, there is a big chance that the song is posted on this platform first.

If you’re going to here the newest from Drake or Beyonce, you can find it on SoundCloud. It is where music land first before it is posted on Spotify before it break iTunes  meanwhile  you hear it on radio stations or watch it on the television. It is the home of multi-platinum music artist, garage bands, and everybody in middle

So, the big question is, “What makes it special?”A SoundCloud provider can help musicians market their music on an even playing area. Compose  a good song, post it on SoundCloud, not so much costly distribution or recording deals needed.

Every moment , every day, at least 12 hours of new music is recorded  in the platform. Unsurprisingly, it is very normal with space. After two hours of uploaded songs are free; the following hours have fees. Four hours cost $55 per year. If you want unlimited music space, it will cost you $135 per year. Almost  a lot of people, this means that SoundCloud is without any cost  to enjoy and without any cost  to use. To a lot of people enjoying music, this is a great find.

This kind of possiblity is what made  this platform a significant no-took-barred site for musicians to post all their music, without any problems. With that in mind, it might be the reason why it has been one of the best music-related platforms before ten years.

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At the present SoundCloud have at least 300 million online users. The popularity of the platform is not so tough to explain. When you are creating a place  for songs artists who are tried to promote their brand of music, your platform will be promoted along with their musician’s products.

The main point  that most music artist, as well as users, got them into using the platform is the number of series you can put in it. It looks like a out with today’s technology, but the users have been using other platforms since time immemorial.

And most of these users find very few platforms where you can save music all your favorite songs in one place. That is what drew the most users to this platform. Create a place  for songs breath and live music, and will expand in all around you could not imagine. That is precisely what’s happening with SoundCloud. It is where songs  taste occurs on the Internet. It is where the online music community originates.

The ideal mix tape

We are in a great, exciting, revolving, and general busting era of songs, that is thanks to the atmoshphere in which musicians of all genres and styles can easily add  with some tubes and fibers. And most of these musicians are posting their work on SoundCloud.

Musicians you would not usually think of collaborating are working together. In 2012 Famous rapper, Snoop Dogg found a talented polish singer IzaLach via SoundCloud. Snoop Dogg was so impress in Lach’s music, he went to Poland, save  some songs, and indicate her to his record label.

If you visit Snoop Dogg’saccount, you will see look him presenting songs from different artists you have never listion of in the past. It is not mean that all musicians that are using SoundCloud are good, but famous artists like Snoop Dogg are finding gems of an artist using the platform.

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The platform’s omnipresence caused an industry-wide strategy shift

Before SoundCloud emerged on the music scene, music labels the same thing when they are promoting an album for their artists, it is just a lot easier now with all the new technology, and of course, the Internet. Music labels used to host their tracks download the songs on their website.

That was 10, 15 years ago. The labels will promote the album by redirecting the people to their site. It is a pre-MySPace era; people have to be more proactive when it comes to finding good music; people would have to look for it very hard.

With SoundCloud, artists, as well as music labels, can now promote the song or album using the platform. They only have to pay a small fee, either monthly or yearly, download the songs on the platform, and promote the page. They don’t need to create and maintain a website to post their songs on the internet.

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That’s the miracle of this platform. Rumors are circulating about its plan to tie-up with major labels in regards to licensing deals and put some advertisement, just like what YouTube is doing. Hopefully, these actions will be enough to bring SoundCloud out of the red zone. With more musicians coming into the music scene it will be an essential platform to expand the reach of artists and improve the music industry.