How To Build Decking Around A Static Caravan?

Caravan decking

Do you have a static holiday caravan? Do you want to give it a new look or add some outdoor space? If so, then decking is a perfect choice for you. Adding a deck to your caravan would improve its appearance and provide additional dining, entertaining, or relaxing areas. This can be a great benefit given the space constraint inside a caravan.

Decking and skirting can also provide additional insulation to your caravan and reduce any drafts underneath. It will offer additional protection to the pipes, and you can also create some additional storage area underneath the deck. Caravan decking is one of the things that can help to increase the resale value of your caravan. You can add ramp access to enhance its accessibility factor- apart from being helpful for a wheelchair, the ramp can also help with the easy transfer of furniture.

What Are The Types?

There are different types of caravan decking options for you to choose from:

  • The traditional decks are usually made of treated timber. They come in a huge variety of styles and colours.
  • Some people also prefer making uPVC, vinyl, or composite whiteboard decks. They, too, are available in different colours like white, grey, brown, etc. You can choose the decking board and fencing in contrast accordingly.
  • Woodgrain effect decking is also gaining a lot of popularity. They look like wood but do not require any additional maintenance.

The uPVC deckings are made from a galvanized steel frame and come with steel-reinforced handrails. They offer maximum durability and are considered to be long-lasting structures. They are water and fire-resistant, need less maintenance, and have anti-slip properties. One can also go for treated timber frames, which are quite cost-effective. There are several other options available, you can talk to your decking supplier and customize your caravan deck according to your needs and preferences.

Decking It Up

Once you have installed the deck of your choice, you can enhance it in several ways. One of the most effective ways is by lighting up your deck area. This will help you get the most out of outside space. You go for small post lights or balustrade lamps as your deck lighting or set some lights on the steps, skirting, or decking boards as well. The new-age LED handrails also look quite cool and classy. The lighting can create a great ambience, making the area perfect for after-dark entertainment.

Before getting a deck, understand what you would need it for. Do you simply need it for safe access, or do you want some added living area? Once you know the purpose, customizing the deck effectively will become easier for you. Consult your decking supplier and make use of all the spaces; there should not be any space wastage due to inefficient designs.