How to Deal with the Symptoms of Menopause at 50?

Symptoms of Menopause at 50?

Even though we all live in the 21 century, there are some women who still think that menopause is the end of their lives. They connect it with the problems in sexual life, cessation of reproductive function, and supporting side effects that only aggravate the health day by day. However, they forget that there are many solutions to moderate, for example, symptoms of menopause at 50. And, life can be bright again.

What Are the Symptoms of Menopause at 50?

Commonly, doctors can give an example of more than 20 signs and symptoms of menopause at 50 but they do always insist that such manifestations differ in women. One can have only night sweats for the rest of her life, while another lady will have no health issues at all. The only sign that is present in all ladies is the cessation of the reproductive function. All women with an official diagnosis of menopause can no longer bear children.

As of now, the most common symptoms of menopause are 50 are: 

  • Low sex drive or decreased libido;

  • Hot flashes;

  • Night sweats;

  • Irritability;

  • Mood changes;

  • Vaginal dryness;

  • Sleeping disorders;

  • Mental imbalance;

  • Weight gain;

  • Skin, nails and hair thickness;

  • Loss of breast fullness.

But, it does not mean one cannot fight back such side effects. Modern medicine allows detecting what are symptoms of menopause at 50 the same as finding the solution to affect them.


Treatment of Signs and Symptoms of Menopause at 50

First off, the key aspect is to consult with a gynecologist, psychologist, and endocrinologist. After undergoing a few checkups, they all can determine the real cause of such health conditions. In some cases, these signs may alert a woman about a chronic disease or serious illness. Besides, some sexual problems or related to vaginal flora may be connected to sexually transmitted diseases. So, write down all manifestations and address them to dedicated experts. What are symptoms of menopause at 50 treatment options?

The most popular method is hormone therapy. A doctor prescribes synthetic female sex hormones that will support fading ovaries during the climax. There are two ways, short-term and long-term therapy. The first one is suitable for women with slight symptoms. And, the latter is used to prevent serious illnesses of organs and systems. For the treatment, a doctor will use various hormonal products such as gels, tablets, patches, injections. In fact, the drugs will include progesterone and estrogen. This method is considered one of the most efficient in terms of treating signs and symptoms of menopause at 50.

Another approach is health supplements and a healthy lifestyle. Women receive recommendations on herbal teas or natural supplements to moderate hot flashes. Designated lubrication to affect vaginal dryness. And, advice on diet and physical activity to prevent weight gain and metabolic issues.

All in all, these signs are not so scary if they do not belong to other illnesses. And, any menopausal woman can get rid of them or minimize with no trouble.