How To Liven Up The ‘Everything Grey’ Trend

Find out tips to help you take the trend of having everything grey in your home and making it more lively and interesting. 

The everything grey trend has been an incredible switch from the yellowy beige tones everybody knew to be standard ‘neutral’ in decor. Now, grey is the trendy neutral we choose for carpets, walls, tiles and everything else in the home. The problem is, if you get it wrong, it can do the same thing the old neutral beige trend did and wash everything out. You can end up with a home that looks like the life has been sucked out of it, which nobody really wants.

So how do you keep up with the grey trend whilst also making your home look balanced and interesting? Take a look at these tips to help you liven up everything grey in your home:

Go Swedish And Add A Splash Of Colour

Everything grey isn’t part of Swedish minimalism which favours bright white walls and natural materials. However, the way Swedish minimalism does maintain balance is by using splashes of colour. A pop of bright yellow amongst grey looks really interesting, and gives your decor some interest. A bright yellow door or bright yellow ornaments or books will add some visual WOW to an otherwise dull space. The same goes for any bright pops of colour.

Different Textures For Tactile Interest

Different textures of grey will add some tactile interest in the way your home looks. Grey chunky knit blankets with faux fur silver fox throws and metal accessories brings a ton of textural pizazz, instead of flat furniture shapes, carpets and fixtures.

50 Shades Of Grey

Play with different shades of grey to give your home some dimension and depth. A darker grey carpet against a pale grey painted wall and some ombre porcelain tiles (source these here on Décor Tiles) around the fire begins to play with the visual interest of an otherwise one dimensional looking space.

Different Materials Bring Different Qualities

Using different materials means your grey stops being a flat grey and instead is silver, or iron or wool. Some materials will soften the look and make the space more homely, others will create a more industrial look. Think about how you want your home to feel and use grey materials that match that feel.

Work With Nature

One thing that keeps any home look in a modern space is nature. That could be through the use of plants, on plain dove grey porcelain tiles, through chunky wooden furniture on thick grey carpet or through a water feature working its way through delicate metal slides. Nature keeps the life running through an otherwise concrete jungle and it is an effective and cheap way to ensure your grey home doesn’t end up feeling drab and lifeless.

If you like the grey trend but do want to avoid it sucking the soul from your house, take a look on Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. The trend is so strong now, there are endless blogs, videos and picture galleries that can be used as templates for any home.