How To Translate Product Packaging

With the globalisation of the economy and increase of the market world across it is becoming a reality that if you want to market a product in a country different than its origin you now need to have product packaging translation. To enter any country which is other than the origin country where the product has been developed you need to have product translation done so that you can sell it in a foreign country.

Earlier the markets were limited and usually country based but now due to the opening up of the economy the whole world is your market but in order to reach your customer you need to get product translation done so that you can reach each country, local customers.

Now the question which comes across is how to translate your product packaging. Well here are some pointers for you:- 

Make Yourself Aware Of The Legal Requirements 

Most of the countries have a legal requirement for product translation and it differs for each product like for example in the case of medicines and healthcare products each country’s specific guidelines have to be followed and they have strict instructions due to the nature of the product. Whereas the requirement in case of fashion products or home appliances would be different and less strict.

Who To Choose For Translation 

In product translation proper and accurate translation has to be done as it involves mentioning of items that are included in the product and therefore it is not possible to have it done via a machine or any automated process. It is very much important and essential to have qualified human product translators who have experience in their unique field of operations while doing the product translation. There are agencies who do this kind of work as well as individuals but before making any choice about who would do the product translation make sure to do your due diligence.

 Choosing The Right Product Label 

Since your product has to be marketed to different countries make sure that you choose the right type of label for it so that it works for each language. What I mean here is that in some languages less space is required whereas in others the word count is more so choose a label which works in each case and you have a standard product label across the globe.

Choosing The Right Name For Your Product 

This is a very important part of product translation and this is something which one should think of at the very start of a launch of a product. Sometimes a name of a product in its native language might not mean anything bad or even if it is a made-up name it might be good but when you translate it in some other foreign language it might mean something nasty, mean, humorous or suggestive. This can be very bad for your product so before doing anything make sure to check how your product name gets translated in other languages.

These are some of the points which one should consider while getting the product translation done. These might make the difference in conquering the market globally or you being conquered by the wrong choice.