Hydroponics – What Exactly Is It?

Hydroponics is a system where plant roots grow between clay grains. These granules absorb water with nutrients and gradually release it to the roots of the plant.

Hydroponics, also called water culture, is one of the most well-known systems at the moment. The system is used for office plants and vegetable cultivation in the greenhouse, such as lettuce, chicory, and tomato.


Hydroponics plants start as normal ground culture plants. Then they were re-bred to be able to stand in water continuously for longer. So you can give the plant more water in one go instead of small amounts more often. Depending on the location and the type of plant, watering once a month will suffice.

 Using a water level meter, you know how much the plant uses because the meter indicates the water level in the planter. A hydro grain cannot shrink so that the roots of plants can always absorb sufficient oxygen.

 Because hydroponics requires less intensive care and therefore saves costs in the long term, People often ask What is Hydroponic? And Want to know everything about it, and we usually advise offices, hospitals, schools, and public buildings to use hydroponic planting.


  • A clean and pure system

The baked clay granules are free of germs, so the plant does not suffer from soil diseases. Bugs also feel at home in potting soil and not between hydroponic granules. This extends the life of the plants.

  • Save on maintenance costs

A hydroponic plant only needs water once every four to five weeks. This means that we only have to come by twelve times a year to maintain the plants in the (work) places. This is at least double that for soil plants.

  • Cheaper in the long term

Hydroponics is slightly more expensive to purchase compared to a normal soil plant. Cheaper in the long term because the plants are generally stronger and therefore have a longer lifespan.


Is there a difference between the appearance of the “normal” soil plant and the hydroponic plant? The answer to that is no. The plants look the same. The difference is only in the growing pot and roots. The hydroponic cultivation pot is smaller, which means that the choice of planters is wider. In the soil plant, a network of fine root hairs makes its way through the entire pot in search of nutrition. The sturdy roots of a hydro plant go straight down to draw nutrients from the water.



We have specialized in hydroponic planting and maintenance for years. We are known for our creative plans and modern approach to project planting without losing sight of functionality. Our plants are always brand new due to a constant supply from our growers, who, just like us, attach great importance to quality.

Today we are a thriving and nationally operating company with highly qualified employees. We can realize a suitable planting plan for you and then maintain it with care with our expertise. Interested? Please contact us.