Indoor Gharana – Life Messages in lyrical beauty!

Indoor Gharana, an Electro-fusion trio band is all geared up to set a melodious knock at the doorstep of your heart as their debut album is released by Songdew. The music is a rich mix of Hindustani vocals along with the fusion of modern sounds.  The songs leave an indelible imprint on your heart and you cherish the melodious tune. The core of Indoor Gharana lies in the fusion of diverse cultures, sounds, ideologies and lyrical representations. Their music is an eclectic mix of being electronic, trance and folk. This unique Hindustani electronic composition is composed by Nitasha Sharma(vocals), Neehar Dabade(Vocals & Keyboard) and Deepak Sugathan(Vocals & Acoustic Guitar)

Hoping to live

We keep searching for that one thing which keeps us keep going. We keep hoping to live and dreaming about the things that matter and make us happy. With these beautiful lyrics, the song starts with melodious lyrics with the sound of guitar strings to brighten your mood and keep you going. It is a beautiful mix of harmonious beats with heart-warming lyrics. It is followed by Hindustani lyrics with tabla strokes in between and the song ends with a thoughtful message of breaking free from the illusionary world and celebrating life for what is it.

Amaani Shukrani

Dance on the music in your life. The song starts with heart-warming Hindustani lyrics followed by a soft music with the beats in between to suit your mood. Everything you need to know silence, pain, wonder and work can be felt with the rhythmic music at the same time. Take the best and leave the rest. The separation will make you strong, feel the pain and heal the pain. With these lyrics, the songs end on a positive note.

Tore Bina

It is a Hindustani lyric-focused song fused with table beats and electric guitar strings. Without you, it is difficult to move. A sweet and melodious music delivering a strong and empowering message about the importance of people in our lives. The pain of letting go can be instantly felt. The musical beats increase gradually with the emotion of pain sinking in our hearts.


It is a unique description of Celebration of life. The melodious track with the beautiful description of romance is bound to win your hearts. It is a cheerful track highlighting the importance of unbounded and ever-lasting love. A creation of the beautiful world is what lies ahead. It is a song which is thoroughly enjoyable.

Aye Sakhi Saajan

Love riddles and paheliyas? This musical song is rhythmic and rhyming all throughout! It is full of cheerful beats explaining how life is full of riddles and a solution is always present there. The song will make you laugh and wonder about your life.

All the songs in the album of Indoor Gharana are bound to bring a smile to your face. They are about your dreams, hope, and happiness in life. The importance of love and people in our lives is expressed in beautiful lyrics infusion with the musical beats. Smile at the wonders, dream about the impossible, hope for the best things and celebrate the happiness. With the overfilling joy in your heart, just tune in to Songdew and enjoy the beats of the great fusion!