Is it Worth Writing and Publishing a Guest Post?

Whether publishing one of your articles as guest author on another blog, or posting an article on your blog by an author who invited you, you bring authority to the guest posts.

If someone important in your niche publishes a post on your website, this makes you gain the trust of your target audience, as no serious influencer will want to collaborate with you if you are not really a good professional.

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In the same way, if you collaborate as a guest author and publish an article of yours on another blog, that means that you are respected and recommended by that author and that your brand is a benchmark, that is, you also achieve authority!

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Expand Your Client Portfolio

One of the biggest benefits of collaborations between blogs such as this strategy based on the guest post, is that it is a great opportunity to grow the client portfolio of your company.

Through guest posting, your quality content can reach more people than if they never “left” your blog.

What better way to be introduced to all that new target audience niche! The dream of any commercial of your company!

You Get Readers For Your Blog

Getting a strong and loyal audience to closely follow your blog is not something that is achieved overnight, but is the result of a lot of effort and time.

If your posts seem to be ignored and don’t get the expected traffic, guest post collaborations with other blogs can put you in the eye of the Google hurricane to start getting new readers of your blog, right where everyone wants to be!

You Get External Links (Backlinks)

Achieving external links to your web page (backlinks) of quality is one of the aspects that the search engines value most to rank a page. That is, to position yourself more and better in Google.

This is one of the most efficient off-page SEO techniques to achieve the long-awaited rise in the rankings of web search results, so you can not miss it.

Open Doors To Offer Content To Other Brands

If you are looking for a new business opportunity, such as offering your content or writing services to third parties, collaborations with other blogs are a great platform to make yourself known as an expert.

Also, it allows you to offer your experience so that others can take advantage of it and hire your services.

Step-By-Step Guide Before Making A Guest Post

Define your goals before doing the guest post

As I said at the beginning of this post, making a guest post is not just publishing content “crazy”. It’s about posting the right content and on the right blog.

What do you hope to achieve by writing a guest post? Basically, anyone who uses this strategy hopes to achieve three things, or at least one:

  • Get external links (backlinks)
  • Gain more traffic to your website
  • Improve the authority and visibility of your company.

The ultimate goal is to sell, right? But depending on what your short-term goals you want to achieve with guest posts, you can determine what to write about, who to collaborate with and where to publish.

Find Where To Publish Your Guest Post

Once you have your goals clear, it’s time to find the candidate blogs to publish your guest posts that bring you closer to them.

I say “candidates” because you need to assess whether the place where you would initially want to publish your article as a guest, has the necessary requirements for your publication to be really effective and commercially profitable for your company.

What are these requirements?

  • The blog must be directly related to your niche.
  • Have an audience that is really interested in your content.
  • Have a good number of readers and followers.
  • Being managed by someone who squeezes social networks to promote their content.

So let’s see where you can search and find those good candidates to publish your guest posts.

Start Google Search

One way to probe the ground and start creating a list of possible candidates, to publish our guest posts, is to do Google searches using keywords or keyword strings.

Go to the Google bar and type in the main keyword of your niche, for example “web design”, followed by “submit a guest post”.

Moreover, type the “post uninvited article” and “guest post rules” as well as words and phrases similar that indicate to the search engine that you want to find places that accept this type of collaboration. You will be impressed by all the sites that Google will show you.

Gossip On Twitter

Although Twitter does not seem like an ideal place to find blogs or websites to publish your guest posts, it is a real treasure!

I assure you that on this social platform you can find very good candidates for your guest articles, and the best thing is that most of these are not on Google, so you can take advantage of your main competitors even if they are already doing guest posting strategies.

Use This Trick With Google Reverse Image

With this trick that I am going to explain to you with Google Reverse Image you will find many blogs that allow collaborations and that are related to your niche. Without a doubt, it is one of the most fabulous ways to find good candidates to start publishing, wonderful!

  • Find out who are the most influential people in your niche who often make collaborations and guest posts.
  • Search the names of these people in Google.
  • Within the list of results, choose the option “Images” and download the photograph of this person.
  • Upload that photo to Google Reverse Image and search.
  • You will see all the web pages where they show this image, a large percentage of which will be from blogs in which they have published a guest post, voilà!

Research The Most Respected Bloggers In Your Niche

The most popular and trafficked blogs in a certain niche are usually those where the most recognized authors (bloggers) publish frequently. Why not to post on those same sites?

I recommend that you investigate who those most respected bloggers are. Once we have some names, Google “guest article”, or similar, along with the author’s name. In this way, the blogs where these respected authors publish their guest posts will appear, easy and effective!

Keep Track of Your Competitors’ Backlinks

Good candidate blogs to publish your guest post would be those where your main competitors are already collaborating with their guest articles.

There are several tools with which you can find out which sites link to your competitor’s Websites, software such as Open Site Explorer or Ahrefs, for example, or free tools such as SEO Review Tools.

So keep track of these backlinks just by typing the URL of the Web page you want to investigate.

Don’t Ignore The Comments on Your Posts

If you want to get candidate blogs for your guest post, then you should be aware of the comments you receive on your Blog because, if the articles you publish on your blog are of quality, surely some comments will come from other authors who have blogs on your niche.

So you could be gaining an opportunity to make such collaboration.

Stroll Through Social Networks

I already told you that one of the most viable social platforms to get good candidate blogs where to publish your guest post is Twitter.

But that does not mean that you cannot get opportunities on other networks, so walk through them and find out which pages or blogs they accept these kinds of collaborations in your niche.

Conclusion: Making Guest Post Is Useful To Expand Your Brand And Conquer Google

Although many web page owners still do not know how to make a guest post to improve their visibility and positioning in Google, this strategy has been tested by many large brands, especially at the level of content marketing and Inbound Marketing.

Guest article collaborations are a perfect opportunity to reach your target audience and interact with new audiences, as well as strengthen ties with important people in your niche. That is why it is one of the main techniques of SEO Growth Hacking.

The SEO of your website will thank you and you will be getting many assets. I assure you that it is a safe bet if you plan a guest post strategy as soon as possible.