Career as an Architect

Joe Cianciotto Points Out the Prime Reasons to Consider Career as an Architect

Architecture is one of the only professions that allow people to use both their creativity and technical knowledge to create tangible structures. There are numerous people across the world who chooses to become an architect, including Joe Cianciotto. Architects leverage their knowledge to design new buildings, as well as extensions to preexisting constructions. They are highly in demand in the contemporary landscape, and often enjoy exciting, varied careers. Architects might work on individual buildings or even large redevelopment projects. They can also be involved in designing the surrounding landscape and spaces of a building.

Architects are trained in the art and science of building design. They plan and design structures, and may even have a role to play in their construction. Diverse types of structures one may see around them, starting from skyscrapers to quaint bungalows and parks to bridges, all of them are designed by architects. Hence, the demand for architects is present in all parts of the world. While Joe Cianciotto is based in a major city like San Francisco, some other architects can even work in smaller towns or exotic destinations abroad.  Facets of the role of an architect tend to be as varied and fascinating as their work.  There are many advantages of pursuing a career in architecture; here are some of the major ones:

  • One of the most amazing aspects of choosing architecture as a profession is to experience how the industry embraces creativity. Designing buildings by itself is a fulfilling and creative pursuit. Architects get the chance to leave their unique touch on the structures designed by them. One shall get a host of opportunities to expertly showcase their creativity and artistic talents while designing structures.
  • Architecture is a widely respected career option, which is high in demand. While many other job markets have become saturated today, the demand for architects is largely consistent. After all, people will always need buildings to work and live in. Moreover, an architect can earn higher salaries than many other professionals, if they manage to land a job in a good company. Many large companies across the world look for fresh architecture talent and ideas frequently, and offer pretty lucrative opportunities. Choosing to become an architect is ideal for anyone looking for a sought-after, high-income profession.

Owing to the many benefits of being an architect, a lot of people like Joe Cianciotto himself, walk on this career path.  It is a truly rewarding field of work that enables people to watch their ideas come to life and become a tangible part of the society, quite literally. One of the best aspects of being an architect is that their lifetime’s work that remains a part of the society for decades. People can leave a mark on the society they live in, by choosing to design parks, bridges, and similar structures.  More insight into the field of architecture can be found on the web.