Kinds of Storage Containers and Their Uses

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Storage and shipping containers are extremely useful and perform multifarious functions. Not only do they help to transport goods from one location to another safely, they can be used even when their most common function comes to an end. There has been an extremely innovative expansion in the forms and ways these containers can be used apart from shipping materials.

That said, it is essential to ascertain the type of container which suits each person’s shipment needs. There are several types; dry, open top, flat rack, double door, thermal and refrigerated storage containers. Although one is mostly acquainted with the simplest version of a container, it is always good to have knowledge about the other variations since different containers cater to different needs. Hereunder are outlined the uses of some of the most common types of storage containers to suit every logistic need.

Thermal and Refrigerated

These containers are suited for perishable goods or goods that require a specific temperature to hold good during transport. They usually contain temperature controls and are insulated in order to ensure safe passage of goods without being affected by any changing climatic conditions which might be a problem. 

Find The Best Packages For Small Group Tours In Melbourne &Victoria

The ones with Double doors

These containers have two doors, one at each opposite end. These are well suited for loading and unloading heavy duty goods and are typically made up of sturdy materials such as steel and iron.

Dry Storage

These are perhaps the most common storage containers. They are used for everyday transport activities of the shipping industry. They are not equipped with any special controls and are suited for moving goods of any kind, provided they are not perishable or related to chemicals.


These are specially designed for a very specific purpose of carrying liquids. Their construction involves usage of anti-corrosive materials so that they can easily carry chemicals and other reactive liquids. They are also used to store and carry goods such as sugar.


Containers for a Special Purpose

These are customizable according the customer’s shipping needs. They can be adjusted in any shape and dimension and are used to carry goods that require a custom container.

Apart from this, these containers are being used to incorporate architectural nuances to various settings. They are being used as makeshift tiny houses, swimming pools, indoor farms, even portable washrooms!

It’s amazing how these seemingly simple objects are so versatile and can be utilized in multifarious ways. From using them to transport goods or moving homes, they can be used to build tiny homes as well. It is quite apparent that these humble containers are a highly profitable one-time investment, for the qualities they possess.