Know about the Canadian visitor visa

Those who want to visit Canada on a temporary basis from India for tourism and leisure should apply for the Canada visitor visa from India. A Canadian visitor visa is like the temporary Canadian immigration option which is also known as the Canadian temporary resident visa; which is granted for a maximum period of six months. There are two types of Canadian visitor visa for which people can apply like:

  • Single entry visa- This allows the visitor to enter Canada only once; once the visa holder leaves Canada then he/she would need a new visa to renter Canada.
  • Multiple entry visas- The multiple entry visas, allows one to come and go from Canada for six months without having to reapply again. The multiple entry visas are valid for ten years or for month before the visa holder’s passport expire.

Requirements for the Canadian tourist visa

In order to get the tourist visa one needs to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Should have a valid passport.
  • The person should be in good health.
  • Must be financially sound to pay for the expenses while in Canada.
  • Should leave Canada at the end of the visit.
  • A person should not be having any intention of taking up a job in Canada.
  • Should have no criminal record.
  • One should not pose a security risk.
  • A person should agree to follow the laws of the land and abide by them.
  • The person seeking the visa might have to undergo a medical examination.

If you are keen on applying for a visitor visa then see the Canada visitor visa checklist from India which has a lot of do’s and don’ts.


  • One should apply for a tourist visa or a visitor visa atleast a few weeks before the trip has been planned in order to give time for visa application to be completed on time before the travel date.
  • Always fill your visa application accurately.
  • Carry all the forms and documents needed for submitting the visa application form.


  • Never provide false documents for your visa application.
  • Be clear and do not hide the truth or facts in the visa application.

How can one apply?

A person can apply for the visitor visa in two ways:

  • Online– In order to apply online a person needs to have a credit card and a scanner in order to attach the copies of the documents needed with the visa application.
  • On paper– In order to apply online one needs to download the application form for the visa and also the checklist that is needed and then fill in the required details.

If in case after visiting Canada one wants to extend the Canadian tourist visa then that person needs to apply for the same thirty days prior the expiry date of the original visa. A person should be careful while filling the form because if in case the form is rejected then the application fee is not refunded which is approx 5000 rupees INR.