Konnekt Simple Video Phone – Why Is It The Best Choice For The Elderly?

Konnekt Simple Video Phone - Why Is It The Best Choice For The Elderly?

If you have been looking for a videophone that is specifically designed for the elderly, then you don’t need to look further. Konnekt can keep your elderly loved ones feel safe and connected. There are so many smartphones out there, but they are not ideal for the elderly. All they need is a simple video phone for elderly that they can use for specific purposes.

Introducing, Konnekt Video Phones

Konnekt is one of the most popular names when it comes to videophones for the elderly. The Konnekt videophone is considered as the most simple videophone worldwide. They are specifically designed for the elderly especially to those with disabilities and the inability to hear clearly. The Konnekt videophones are the first of its kind designed to increase the cognitive ability of those suffering from dementia or memory loss.

This phone is also designed to help lower depression risks. With the help of these videophones, families are able to provide help to their loved ones even they are far away from them. The hearing impaired can also benefit from this Konnekt videophone because now, it comes with the new Konnekt Captioning feature.

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Best Features Of Konnekt Videophone

The features mentioned above are just some of the best reasons why you should get your loved one a Konnekt videophone too. To help you decide, here are more features that you can get if you should consider getting this device:

  • One-Touch Calling. This feature will let you and your loved one get in touch using any iPad, mobile phone, tablet, or computers worldwide through Skype. The videophones can also call regular telephones too.
  • Auto-Answer Feature. If you are calling your loved one and no one is answering the phone, your first concern is that something bad might have happened. With the auto-answer feature of this device, you can still check on them with a 2-way video with audio even if they cannot answer or they forgot how to.
  • Huge Buttons And Loud Speakers. For those with shaky hands or poor vision, and even to those who cannot hear very well anymore, the Konnekt videophone is designed for them. They do not need assistance anymore when using their phone. They can easily navigate through the device on their own with these features.

The Konnekt videophone is defintiely transforming lives. Your elderly loved ones can gain back their independence without you worrying about their safety. Now, they can easily call for help or just get in touch with their loved ones when they get bored with this device. So should you get your elderly loved ones this Konnekt Videophone? Absolutely!