How to Make Giant Soap Bubbles

Surely you have ever seen giant soap bubbles and have wondered how these bubbles are made so big. The truth is that although it seems like a child’s play, soap bubbles have fun both large and small and can make us spend a wonderful time with your family.

giant soap bubbles

You will need to:

  • Water, 12 cups
  • Concentrated liquid soap, 1 cup
  • Glycerin, 2 small spoons
  • Cornflower, 1 cup
  • Chemical yeast, 2 small spoons

Steps to follow:

1 Once in a lifetime, we have all played with those cans with liquid and a small ring to make soap bubbles. A strong and consistent bubbles that did not explode easily. Then we tested it at home and the results are disastrous; the bubbles burst before forming and are unable to float-that is if we manage to make them.

The problem is that we do not usually make a good mix, and what is more important, we do not use the right ingredients. Below we will explain what the liquid should carry to make giant soap bubbles.

2 To make giant soap bubbles you must first start preparing the liquid. Do you know how you should do it? We explain it step by step:

  1. Pour 12 cups of water into a large enough bucket.
  2. Add a cup of cornstarch in the water and dissolve it gently stirring well.
  3. Add the rest of the ingredients; glycerin, soap and chemical yeast, stirring the water so it is well mixed.
  4. Let the mixture stand for one hour. However, if you see that the cornstarch is regimenting at the bottom of the bucket, you should gently stir it to keep dissolving.

Once that time has elapsed for the ingredients to mix and get ready until you get the texture and composition necessary for good soap bubbles to come out you can start using it. You must know that you can make the bubbles without the glycerin or the chemical yeast, but by adding these two products you make sure that the bubbles will be giant and they will not break.

3From here all you need to have fun with your giant soap bubbles will be a good pompero or instrument to make bubbles.

  • A good option is to use a tennis racquet or badminton without strings. The oval hollow of the racket and the comfortable handle will be great to draw huge soap bubbles in the air.
  • The other alternative is more homemade, but second that you also have a great time making it. It involves picking and cutting two sticks of wood or other material about 30 cm long each. Later, with a rope of wool or any other absorbent fabric 3 times longer than the sticks, we will tie it to the two sticks so that we have a hanging circle.

4To make fantastic soap bubbles, simply submerge the fabric in the liquid and raise it in the air, moving the pompero gently so that it fills up and the bubble grows. In case the child is small it may not be enough coordination to make soap bubbles in this way, however, there are alternatives so you can have a great time.

The most typical is to use a straw, dipping a spoon in soap and blowing gently on the other until the pump grows. The other, with excellent results, is to use a funnel instead of a straw. By having a much larger surface, the funnel can make giant soap bubbles with which the child will hallucinate.

5So that the fun does not end, here are some ideas of games that you can carry out with soap bubbles:

A classic in these cases is to make a competition of the greatest pomp. Obviously, it’s about making bubbles and whoever makes the biggest win.

The bubble races are also very entertaining and exciting. Once you have your pomp’s done, it is about pushing them up by blowing or moving a cardboard until it reaches a certain point.

Now that you know how to make giant soap bubbles you can start learning to make one bubble inside another.

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