Network Marketing

Marc Accetta – What Are the Key Skills Needed for Network Marketing

Network marketing can be really overwhelming to newcomers, and they often land up making several mistakes. This affects their performance, confidence, and success rates. Direct selling is not a problem if you know the basic skills you need to boost confidence and profits.

Marc Accetta – Tips for network marketing success

Marc Accetta is the Founder of Marc Accetta Seminars and the Director of Training at WorldVentures -an internet-based travel company in the USA. He has led the company to over one billion sales in the past ten years across thirty- four nations in the industry with a unique system in network marketing training that he has perfected over the last thirty years. He addresses audiences live every month where he inspires people positively across the world with his inspirational and motivational talks.

Do marketing scripts help you boost your success rates?

When it comes to network marketing or direct selling, you will find companies that give you detailed scripts to assist you with the information and how to deal with customer objections. However, you first need to have active listening skills to know what the customer needs first for evaluating the person. Some people will want a solution to their problems and needs. You should check whether the product or service you sell offers them this solution or not.

Network marketing tips for success

The following are some network marketing tips that help you get the success you deserve when it comes to network marketing success-

  1. Make sure you focus on relationships with your customers, not just sales- Focus on building a rapport with your customers first. You must recognize what they want so that you are effectively able to match products to their needs. Make sure you follow up on your new prospects fast so that you build solid and new relationships quickly.
  1. Be sure to know your products- You should be well-aware of the products you sell to your customers. This gives you the confidence to sell the products effectively to the customer. Remember, as a salesperson, you should be passionate about the products/service you sell, and supporting it with knowledge enhances the rates of success.
  1. Customer database for your network- You can build and track your customer database to build and track your networks better. In fact, this database is a precious source of data that influences sales. You can use the database to communicate regularly with your customers and give them marketing material like e-newsletters and updates about the product or event.

According to Marc Accetta, you should always arrive early at an event and carefully plan the display of your products, the space for presentation, and the position for seats. Select a layout that helps your customer to maintain direct eye contact with your presence rather than one other in the room. Make sure you eliminate all the distractions present in the room. For instance, you can request the host or the hostess to shut the doors that let in external or noise inside the room.