Mixing Old and New: Ways to Create Interiors with a Vintage Touch

Vintage Touch to Modern Interior Styles
You can inject a dose of elegance into your living space with a few vintage items for your interior home design. Here are four ideas to add a vintage style to popular modern designs.

Parisian Chic and the Minimalistic Look
If you love the clean, chic, and carefully curated vintage elements of a classic Parisian living room but would like to recreate it with a minimalistic modern approach, you can use antique fireplace mantels as a way to infuse a dose of the vintage appeal into it. Mantels are quite the versatile designing element that can be used in fresh new ways. Depending on its size, it can be used as a shelf, a mirror frame, and even a bookcase. Painting it in the same shade as the walls creates a seamless and clean look.

Sleek Industrial and the Functional Vintage Accessories
If you love the industrial look, it’s easier to blend vintage items into the design. You can find small items you can incorporate into the mix like table accessories. If you want to increase the classic atmosphere, you can install a vintage ceiling lamp is the best way to go. It’s the perfect addition to tie the entire room’s look together.

Vintage items break the steely feel of an industrial style room, so placing small vintage themed items on the wall like black and white photos in old frames, paintings, and even a wall clock is a nice way to add vintage elements into the room without taking away its modern industrial appeal.

Cozy Rustic and Relaxing Neutral Tones
There are many elements you can use in blending vintage and rustic designs. As these two designs both exude a laid back and cozy mood, there isn’t much of a disparity between the look of the two designs.

The two designs are similar enough and make it easier to bridge and at times even overlap the two to achieve a cohesive look. A vintage chandelier is an excellent starting point to combine both designs. Also, if the space permits, adding a piece of vintage furnitures like a chaise lounge or a bench is the easiest way to tie up the ceiling and floor area design.

Pick a neutral shade to use for the fabric and textile items in the room, and add depth by getting the same color in varying shade intensities for a full-on rustic mood. This will also allow you to recreate that color-washed effect while keeping it clean and fresh.

Modern Space and a Retrofit

Who says you can’t bring back the 50s in your home? If there’s one area where this design will work perfectly, that would be the kitchen. If you love the curvy and chunky look of a 1950s kitchen, you don’t have to look very far. Today, you can find these appliances in retro-inspired designs, built with all the convenience that a modern kitchen offers. There are refrigerators, hobs, and small kitchen appliances like toasters, sandwich press, and even stand mixers that come in retro designs.

It would be wise to decorate with items that you’re expecting to replace afterwards, as well as items that are small and easy to hide in storage.  So you can also just easily take them out when you need them if you’re planning to redesign your kitchen in the future.

Creating beautiful modern spaces with a touch of vintage appeal doesn’t have to break the bank or take a lot of remodeling hours. Adding a piece of furniture, equipment, and even small vintage accessories can instantly put an old world charm to your space.