Must-Have 4WD Accessories To Make The Most Of Your Outdoor Adventures

If you are an adrenaline junkie looking to have some fun (and relaxation), then you must have thought about a little something called off-roading – that is, off-roading to your next outdoor adventure. While the idea may be a good one, you need to make sure that you first equip your 4WD with the necessary accessories so that you could make the most out of your wild adventure. 

Unfortunately, it is not wise to simply get in your 4WD and jump into an adventure without having the necessary materials to support you. If you want your day to be filled with a lot more riding, then you have got to know how to maximize your equipment and use it to your advantage. Making the extra investment for some accessories is well worth it as it not only makes the experience more enjoyable, but it also keeps you safe. At the end of the day, you do want to come back alive and happy.

Backup Battery

First and foremost, you need to have a backup battery stored somewhere in your 4WD before you pack up and head on to an outdoor adventure. Your vehicle may have brought you to where you wanted to be, but sometimes, there may not be enough battery to take you back. This could, quite possibly, be one of the worst things that can happen to you during a trip.

For example, you are parked in a remote bush area and just when you are ready to leave, the battery gives up on you then and there. Since you are deep into the woods, who can you call to help you and assist you right away? Not only is it inconvenient, but it can also be quite dangerous, too. For this reason, always make sure to keep an extra battery stored in your vehicle.

Tire Pressure Monitor

It is without a doubt that we can say that your vehicle will need a tire pressure monitor. This is a requirement for all new vehicles in the USA; so, if you are looking to purchase a 4WD for your next adventure, you are in luck with this one. Every vehicle should have a system that should inform the driver of any leaks within the tires – a leak that is found early would mean that the car can go into repair as soon as possible.

Any leak that is prolonged can cause a severe pressure drop – this can cause the car to overheat and blow up. With that said, never ever ignore the signs. If your 4WD does not have a tire pressure monitor, it is best to invest in one now. Always better to be safe than sorry.


If anything happens during your off-roading session into the woods, a trusty winch could definitely pull you out of a bad situation.

Roof Rack

Planning to take an out of town trip? Well, that is what your vehicle is for – to take you there. However, make sure that your vehicle has a roof rack that can carry a good number of things – after all, you do not want to be stuffing the big items into the back of your truck, especially if your family or friends are going.

With roof racks, you do not have to worry as you can place those items on top of your truck – these sturdy racks can carry a good amount of weight, so make sure to stack them up well while taking into consideration the vehicle’s center of gravity.

portable awnings

Lastly, no trip is complete without portable awnings to shade you from all the unnecessary sunlight, dust, and bugs during your trip. Pack a foldable chair or two and sit under the portable awnings while sipping on some beers and snacking on your favorite chips with a loved one. While you do this, you can admire the beauty that surrounds you, too. It is the perfect setting before you begin an outdoor adventure (or great for when you end one as well).

And there it is – a practical list of accessories needed in your 4WD. While some people may suggest that you need more (or even less), you can trust that the following is just enough to get you through your ride and your outdoor adventure.
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