Necessary Aspects to Understand for Navigating Refrigerator Market Smoothly

Necessary Aspects to Understand for Navigating Refrigerator Market Smoothly

Checking out an array of refrigerator varieties and models make you feel perplexed. You are not aware on where to start. Understand the necessary aspects related to refrigerators, which will help you navigate the appliance market smoothly.

Freestanding versus built-in fridge

Freestanding models are common because they are easy to install. You need to plug in the outlet and are all ready to use. On the other hand, built-in fridge is built inside the cabinetry. Seamless designs can be covered with matching panels. Counter depth freestanding refrigerators are available, they offer built-in look. Moreover, they don’t jut out past the countertop, thus customized look is created.

Orientation options

  • Do you wish freezer drawer to be at the bottom?
  • Do you desire a side-by-side freezer-fridge model?
  • Do you prefer classic top freezer scenario?

Find out what is your preference, space needs, and lower back condition because there will be a little bending and reaching involved in some Godrej models. Available storage space amount will differ between brands and orientations.

Features important according to you

Make a list of features you would like on the basis of your old unit. You may desire a door water dispenser or fun alarms for door open alerts or an icemaker. Ensure the model you select has all the features you added to a wish list. Remember, the more features you choose the more you will need to pay initially as well as over lifetime.

Determine an appropriate fridge size

Large refrigerators consume great energy. Energy efficient models are 16 to 20 cubic feet. You may consider to keep your old unit for extra storage, while replacing it. If your refrigerator needs are not fulfilled with a single unit ensure to have a second one, which is energy efficient model but not bigger than your needs.

Consider the dimensions

Refrigerators take more space. The actual unit as well as space behind the unit for allowing the heat to vent out. The manufacturer’s manual includes all the information needed. Measure the doorways, around obstacles or island that the unit will need to go through. Play safe and have some extra room to wiggle.

Look for energy star

Energy star defines saving on energy and utility bills. It even helps to protect the environment. Besides the HVAC and water heaters, refrigerator is said to be next large energy user. Recent improvements in compressors and insulation has made it possible to use less power than older units. A 15-year-old fridge is said to use double energy in comparison to current Energy star models. You can save significantly in the next five years and decrease your carbon footprints substantially by replacing old unit.

Consider top mounted freezer

You can buy refrigerators in a number of configuration like bottom freezer, top freezer or side-by-side. There is no need to buy new unit with same configuration as long as proper sizing is done. Top freezer uses less energy in comparison to other configured refrigerators. You can check side-by-side prices on CompareRaja, a comparison website.

Another important aspect is to recycle the old refrigerator. It helps to avoid pollution and tons of greenhouse gas emission.