Why Do We Need Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine optimization or SEO is the practise that is one of the major aspects of digital marketing. Search engine optimization is the process of strategizing and then using those strategies  for enhancing the ranking of different web pages on different search engines. The practise is extremely essential and without this, there wouldn’t be any kind of online marketing possible. Here are some of the reasons why we need search engine optimization.

  1. Organic search accounts for more than half of total website visits

A great majority of the total website visits corresponds to the organic search results rather than paid or any other type of marketing strategy. According to a recent statistics research,l around 60% of the total website visits are due to the organic search results alone. Although, social media has taken over the same lately, but searches are still working on the basis of SEO.

  1. Inbound marketing brings more leads than any other marketing

There are generally two types of marketing that are put to use for different promotional purposes, one being outbounding and the other being inbound marketing. In accordance with the state of inbound marketing report 2014-2015, a number of companies have reported that inbound practices result in better leads in comparison to outbound marketing or PPC or any other type of marketing.

  1. Search engine optimization is an investment

A lot of people think and believe search engine optimization to be a cost, but very few know that it actually is an investment and that too with extremely high returns. For most of the companies, the entire business depends upon search engine optimization and it therefore makes it evident that it is mandatory to indulge in search engine optimization. 

  1. It is the most crucial part of marketing mix

No business works without marketing and according to the theory of marketing mix, search engine optimization fits in avery aspect of the same. Apart from all the marketing practises, search engine optimization alone can help you bring to enormous results in very less amount of time. But, taking help of certain other aspects can surely lead you to skyrocketing results.

  1. Better SEO leads to credibility

Apart from everything search engine optimization accounts for the overall credibility of the brand. Better SEO leads to a better rankings which help the researchers believe that the given brand on the top of the search results is master in the domain. And at the same time, your brand on second or third page of the search engine rankings can lead to different assumptions about your brand.

  1. Being on any page other than the first means no visibility

The basic purpose of SEO is to bring your brand at the top of the search results and avoiding which your website can land up at any position on the search engine. Being at any position other than the first page of the google search means no visibility at all, as very few people look for results that are displayed on any other page of search engine rankings.

These are few of the reasons why you should totally depend upon search engine optimization for getting better results and better traffic. In other words, online marketing is next to impossible when done without search engine optimization