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Pantone has revealed their color of the year: Living Coral (PANTONE 16-1546). This soft, yet bold color comes from the pure energy of nature; striking a balance between comfort, optimism, and constant transformation.

According to Pantone’s team, this color is a reaction against the digital revolution, which is becoming more and more omnipresent in our everyday lives.

Living Coral represents nature’s presence within the man-made. Because a hue like this can be an unexpected thing to see indoors, it can make a strong impression on different social media sites.

That is why we decided to choose Pantone Living Coral as a source of inspiration if you are trying to decorate different areas of your house. Here, you can find 3 thought-provoking reasons to use Living Coral in your next interior renovation.

  1. Coral is one of the most colourful earth tones available

All you have to do is paint one wall of the room in coral paint, and you will find a wide variety of opportunities to wow your guests with any additional designs you want! Because Living Coral is not a highly saturated color, we recommend using neutral tones in the rest of the room to maintain its natural serenity. Try using subtle shades of off-white or event wood decorations to tie the look and feel of the interior design together!

decorating room

  1. Coral is a color that works on furniture

If you are trying to reinvigorate a room that is full of cold colors like white, blue, and even gray, you are definitely going to miss out on a great opportunity for change without Living Coral! Using a warmer color like this is the easiest way to transform the feel of a room from something icy to something oceanic. Any wood furnishing that uses Living Coral, even as an accent, will give you what you need without having to put in unnecessary amounts of effort renovating.

  1. Coral is a fun color for decorative artwork

It is always fun to look for decorative artwork for your home. A good piece of art can help compliment the color palette you decided to use in your house, in this case: Living Coral. The best part about this color is that it brings immediate visual interest – and seeing as how it is the color of the year, you will be able to find it in art galleries, prints sellers, and other creative outlets!