A perfect guide to your Style Statement

Fashion Week in the Land Down Under has style conscientious women here excited. Fun looks are in, and drab colors are out. Look for the always desired relaxed beach styles with extraordinary cover-ups that can double as street wear. Bright tropical prints, comfy shorts and easy on flip flops were in abundance. Vivid expressions of bold hues dominated the spotlight. Youthful and artistic takes on the trench coat staple offered feminine flattering cuts, flirty shades and sizzling side splits or sleeveless designs. Fringe is back with new twists on this show stopping look. Romantic florals, loose suit styles, fresh check mixes and lavender silhouettes are just some of the latest Aussie trends exhibited. 

The New Office Wear Styles

Ladies striving for business casual attire have many fine options. Tailored jackets and slacks, made looser in attractive understated shades, allow a women to be office appropriate while still showing feminine charm. Throw on a cool toned, slate-blue trench coat with a flirty wide-pinstriped blue and white dress peeking out sweetly underneath. Wear some mood lightening white-hued garments with classic jewelry adornments. Consider longer and sleeker short sets with fitted features on a draped frame. Elegant trousers in finer materials, gorgeous suit dresses with soft patterns and chic high waisted skirts, that make legs go on forever, are a few work environment clothing recommendations.

Expressive Street Looks Being Seen Down Under

Many of the edgy street styles that captivated the runway audiences have distinctive attitude and won’t be for shy wallflowers. Try soft, kilt-inspired plaid skirts that boast flirty fringe details, a coordinating although different checked patterned jacket and layered with an intriguing textured knobby knitted sweater top. Models were sporting see-through-clear knee-length boots with hints of sassy black accents. Bohemian fringe outfits, from full on to just a hint, graced the catwalks alongside billowy dresses made of light-as-air flowing fabrics in fresh-looking romantic floral prints.

The must-have trendy fashions are the comfortable short outfits dominating the scene. Look for tailored suit versions, sexy hot-pant styles and longer above-the-knee cuts all broadcasting refreshingly updated hues and glorious layer looks. Another hot style reveals metallic stretch fabrics that need strong confident personalities to pull off. Sparkly metallic materials and low stated glitter are being seen in many fresh-off-the runways street fashions. Soft feminine plaids in muted Easter egg patterns are highlighting ever popular longer dress styles. Try layering a pretty plaid-patterned slip dress with a tucked-in casual short sleeved top. Add funky footwear and your street style will stop traffic.

Take Flight Jumpsuit Fashions

A newer look, straight from high fashion designers, is a different take on traditional flight suit uniforms. Rich camel hues, dark denim blues and sexy slit-cut surprises are putting a new feminine spin on these original male work fashions. Interesting one-sided draping techniques, and small belt and button accents, are giving these loose fitting jumpsuits a new form. This look is both fun and casual, and this is a great go-to outfit for running errands or mad-dash after-school pickup runs. A perfect look for weekly grocery shopping or outdoor yard work.

Newest Aussie Low Key Designs

Everyone knows that Australia rules in low key designs. This fashion favorite is one of this industry’s highest exports. Understated looks that have classic style and a necessary comfortable fit are being seen in mood-elevating whites, gorgeous beige shades, muted colors and sporting eye-catching details. This look requires snazzy footwear and saucy hats. This fabulous fashion category can be worn shopping, on the beach and even for doctor visits. Throw on a blue/white loop-fringed spring jacket over a cute frilly skirt for a flirty look that always gets noticed.

Fashions to Wear After Sundown

Soft hues of lavender are the colors to embrace. Many of these creations work for day to night ensembles with just a few changes. This shade is soothing, and the feminine aura is recognized. Slouchy pantsuits and heavenly dresses in whisper quiet fabrics of soft knits, linens, gauzy cottons and shimmery satin materials are showing that this versatile color belongs everywhere. Since this shade is low key, wearing a complete outfit of slight color variations doesn’t come across as too much. The effect is simple elegance and timeless beauty. Pair with flirty shoes in a coordinating color or silver shine heels. Lavender looks gorgeous paired with cool grays, subdued blacks and hints of other soft shades. The slip dress is by far the favorite designer staple this season. This can be layers to create differing looks suited for day or night.

Full-Figured Fashions Now Being Celebrated

Designers have finally figured out that women come in all shapes and sizes. It is exciting to see incredibly beautiful full-figured fashions now being celebrated. In the past, finding well-fitting plus size clothing meant parting with a lot of money. Now, curvier ladies are finding full figured clothes at low cost. There are even spectacular second hand stores that sell name brand garments at outrageously low prices. These clothing items are either never worn or gently used. Ladies can purchase stunning dresses, tops and bottoms for under $10-$20.

Fresh Accessory Ideas from Australia

Australians know how to use accessories effectively. A plain casual outfit suddenly looks fierce when paired with a statement making cap and edgy footwear. Ladies look fresh from a high fashion event just by adding fashion bags made of rich materials like these oroton luxury bucket bags so popular across Australia today. Look for finer pebbled leather hobo and bucket bags crafted meticulously and available in exotically rich hues that convey upper class values and chic every day or night style. Australian ladies are rocking these phenomenal bags at concerts, in classrooms, to offices and on fancy dinner dates with a special man. To fully embrace Australian fashion, choose accessories carefully, and confidently own your personal style statement.