Have the perfect wedding without spending a fortune

Smart choices make it easier.

No one wants to look like a cheapskate on their wedding day. However, you might also be keen to avoid getting into debt just to get hitched. If you want to have the perfect wedding but you don’t want to spend a fortune doing it, some smart choices can help you plan it perfectly.

Decide your deal breakers

If you have a limited budget and don’t want to consider different types of personal loans, then work out where you’re prepared to spend the largest proportion of your cash. For some people, the dream venue is where they’re happy to spend but when it comes to outfits they’re content to make compromises. For others it’s all about what the bride and groom are wearing and costs can be cut on food or drink. List your top 3 priorities when it comes to wedding budgets so that you don’t end up not being able to cover the cost of what matters most.

Set your budget up front

It’s much easier to limit what you spend when you have a set budget to work with. Few of us have much of an idea of what a wedding really costs – and there are always added extras to consider. If you go through your ideal wedding scenario and set a budget cost for each item up front then you’ll be able to keep an eye on what you’re spending overall and avoid expensive debt, especially if you have a poor credit score and your only option would be a bad credit loan.

Ask family and friends to contribute

different types of personal loans

The high cost of many wedding items often comes from the fact that retailers, bakers, venues, dressmakers etc immediately increase their prices when the word “wedding” is involved. So, if you can avoid this wherever possible you’re much more likely to be able to keep costs down. Friends and family who play in bands, bake cakes, are handy with decorations or know how to arrange flowers could all help you to keep your wedding costs under control.

Book your venue and food separately

Package weddings do make things easier, as you’ll have every cost included in one overall total. However, that also means that you don’t have much room for negotiation or for finding ways to make savings. If you book the venue separately and then look for a different caterer or supplier then you’ll be able to adjust your spending and find ways to keep costs down.

Digitise the process

Wedding invitations, rsvps, gift lists etc can all be digitised to cut the cost of pre-wedding spend. You’ll also find it much easier to organise tables and guests if you’re working with digital lists.

Minimise the use of a photographer

Book a professional photographer for the first few hours of the wedding to get those key shots but let them go after that. Ask your guests to take photos and make a friend or relative the “official” party photographer. You’ll get lots of natural shots and you’ll save a lot of cash too.

Shop around for everything

You don’t have to accept the first price you’re given on anything. For example, you might find a gorgeous wedding dress in a discount or outlet store or at a sample sale. The same goes for everything, from the wedding car to the cake and the outfits for the wedding party – shop around to get the best price.