The Self-Publishing Process

ReadersMagnet Underlines the Advantages of The Self-Publishing Process

The trend of self publishing is steadily picking up pace across the globe. This system allows authors to bypass traditional gatekeepers, and move on to publish their work on their own, with the assistance of self-publishing companies like ReadersMagnet. Today self-published books now account for approximately 30% to 40% of all ebook unit sales, which highlight the increasing prominence of this process. Many amateur and even well-established authors are opting for self publishing today.

Whenever indie author completes writing their book, they often face the confusion of whether to pursue self-publishing or try their luck with traditional publishing houses. Both of these systems have their own pros and cons. But in recent years, a good surge has been witnessed in terms of self publishing.  In the self publishing process, the author would be in charge of the entire publishing process. This includes printing, editing, proofreading, formatting, cover design, and book marketing. They might carry out each of these tasks on their own or seek out the assistance of a third party. After the book is properly edited and designed, it would be given to a publishing service company.

Many new authors might be overwhelmed by the tasks coming under the self publishing process. In this situation, it is prudent that they seek out the assistance of companies like ReadersMagnet. Since its establishment in 2016, this company has guided authors through the self-publishing process. They recommend courses of action, offer publishing and marketing package options, provide editorial services, and more.  By seeking out the aid of any such company, people would be able to get through the self publishing process smoothly and enjoy its advantages. Their advantages include:

  • Every book can get published swiftly: Books published by first-time authors or niche books are often considered to be risky investments by traditional publishers, and hence they do not publish it or keep delaying them. In self publishing, the entire process usually takes a few days or weeks at most.
  • Authors have complete creative control: Authors can always hire professional editing services and book designers who will properly understand their vision and create something that aligns with their viewpoint.
  • Higher royalty rates: Under a traditional deal, royalty sales tends to be somewhere around 7-25%. However, for independent authors, the number is close to 70%. Hence, they get the chance to get more money through the self publishing process than the traditional approach if they have the same number of book sales.

One of the best aspects of self publishing process is that it allows author to make a name for themselves. Hardly anyone becomes an author of best-seller overnight. If a person is a first timer, it invariably would be hard for them to attract traditional publishers. Putting their book out through the self publishing process allows first time authors to acquire fans and develop an email list, while proving their potential as a writer.