San Diego’s Best Restaurants

San Diego’s Best Restaurants

San Diego is the perfect vacation destination, and with so much to offer it’s no wonder the area attracts many tourists every year. With some beautiful San Diego vacation rentals just waiting for you to book them, and with so much to do, even organising where you’re going to dine can be hard. However, we can make organising your time in San Diego a little less daunting as we’ve discovered what we believe are some of the best restaurants around. Take a look below for more information:

Cowboy Star 

Located at 640 10th Avenue, Cowboy Star combines contemporary American dishes with “Western flare”. Offering a fine dining experience, and serving some ridiculously tasty dishes, Cowboy Star is the ideal restaurant for anyone who loves meat dishes. Serving lunch and dinner as well as starters, the restaurant itself would not look out of place in a wild west movie.

The portions at this restaurant are very generous so you may want to arrive hungry. The open kitchen means you can watch the chef prepare your meal, and the relaxed atmosphere will help to make your trip to Cowboy Star one to remember. Making a reservation is advised if you want to be sure of a table, so book as soon as you can and you won’t miss out.

Pizza Bella

Found at 2707 Congress St, Old Town, Pizza Bella is the perfect place if you love great quality pizzas. Winner of many awards, and known as one of the best Italian restaurants in San Diego, you may have trouble choosing from the large menu, but you are guaranteed to enjoy whatever you decide to order.

With a light and friendly atmosphere and Mediterranean-style décor, you will have the chance to dine inside or outside if the sun is shining. If you’re not a lover of pizza or you are simply looking to enjoy something else you won’t be disappointed. You can choose between a range of soups, salads, pasta, side orders and entrées. If you have the chance to book a table it’s advised that you do so you’re not disappointed. With pizzas made fresh to order, and many other dishes on the menu, you’ll be happy you dined at Pizza Bella.

Iron Pig Alehouse

Situated at 1520 Garnet Ave, Suite 263, the Iron Pig Alehouse is proud to offer barbecue-style meals along with brisket, ribs, salads, grilled cheese, and much more. Open from 11:30 am, and with steakhouse décor and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, if you’re looking for informal dining, but you have a huge appetite this is the place to be.

You do not have to reserve a table at the Iron Pig Alehouse, but if you plan to dine on a Friday or Saturday night it’s always worth it. If there are going to be a lot of you eating then it will be sensible to make reservations. With a really friendly atmosphere and great food, the Iron Pig Alehouse is the place to be.

Eddie V’s Prime Seafood

Found at 1270 Prospect St, La Jolla, Eddie V’s Prime Seafood is the ideal destination if you are a lover of oysters, caviar, shellfish, crab, and anything else that comes out of the ocean. With views over the bay, and with live bands frequently playing, anyone who visits this restaurant is assured of a good time.

The food here is really, really good, and they do not scrimp on the portion sizes. If you happen to be a vegetarian you can still get a good meal here as there really is something for everyone. Make a reservation if you can as this place does tend to get quite busy. Be prepared to dine out in style, feasting on a range of sumptuous dishes that taste as good as they look.

Dumpling Inn

Located at 4619 Convoy Street Ste F, and proudly serving up a wide range of Chinese and Asian dishes, the Dumpling Inn is the perfect place for anyone who loves good food. While in the past it may not have looked like it was anything special from the outside, after a refit and a move a few doors away this restaurant is definitely worth a visit. Deck outed in a saloon-like style and sharing space with another restaurant, there is plenty of room for hungry people. You’ll have the chance to enjoy choosing from an impressive menu, and when your food arrives you’ll notice that the portions are generous so it’s worth arriving on an empty stomach.

The service is good and the food always tastes fresh, and the food is nicely priced. You do not have to make a reservation, but we would advise that you arrive early in the evening as the restaurant can get quite busy. If the tables are full you may have to stand around and wait for one to become empty, so get here early and avoid any disappointment. If you’re a fan of Chinese food and you want a sit-down meal, the Dumpling Inn is the place to be.

If you are in San Diego and you happen to be hungry, the above 5 establishments will leave your stomach and your wallet feeling satisfied. If you are planning to go to San Diego on vacation you may want to make some reservations in the above restaurants are they are some of the best in town. Book a table and get ready to enjoy a delicious meal or two, you know you want to.