Selling your home or Home renovation: Things you need to know

After a certain number of years, many people are not happy with the homes they are residing in. While some go for renovation, others start looking for better property. When it comes to renovation, it can be a small renovation or revamping your house on a large scale. A survey on more than 2,000 Britishers revealed some interesting facts and numbers. Some of the survey results are as follows-

  • 61% of people have said that they would like to go for major changes in their home rather than going to a new one. While 41% have relocated between one and three times as an adult.
  • Again 59% of people have bought a home in the past and then 41% of people have sold a property in the past.
  • 58% of Britishers owner their home through mortgage or some other kind of shared ownership. Again 35% of the people identified location as the most important factor when choosing a home.

So, if you are not in love with your home anymore, you can shift your home or go for complete renovation of your home. Let us see the pros and cons of each.

The very first thing you must consider is whether you can change your home to make it look better. You need to understand if your home can be changed as per your needs. The factors will depend on how long you are staying in that home, the budget you have and whether you and your family are ready to sft to a new place.

Let your property be on sale:

If you feel that there is no scope of renovating your home, you need to move out. Sometimes, there is no other way out to change your home as per your needs. Your home may be small or maybe it is in the wrong location. So, the only thing that you can do is put your house for sale. At the same time, you need to start looking for new home. Once you can sell your property, you can utilize the money to get a new home.

But there are certain pros and cons of relocating.

Pros: You will go to a new place which may be much better than your existing home. The new house can be much better than your existing one. It may spacious and advantageous in terms of location. Also, the new home can help you get a much better job nearby.

Cons: Shifting home means you need take in a lot of hassle in moving all the furniture out. It is better to take the help of a good packers and movers to shift to the new place. Also moving out and relocating involves a lot of stress. It also involves going for a legal process for the ownership of your new home. Transferring the legal title is a hectic process. However renowned solicitors like Slater Gordon can help you out with the process.

Renovating your existing home

If you feel you can make changes in your existing home, then go for it. People are not always fine in coping with the stress and disruption, for them a minor refresh is good. Even though you are not ready for a full-scale renovation, a fresh coat of paint and some soft furnishings are more than enough. But if you are fine with major renovation, you can always change the room configuration. A renovation project can fit your needs and increase the resale value of the home. By adding extra double bedroom, extra bathroom, open living space, you can always make changes in your home.

A major renovation can increase the home resale value and make your home look great. It gives a fresh look to your home. But you need to be very careful if you are planning to do the renovation work all by yourself. Do not handle electrical and gas related work alone. Plan your work carefully and don’t attempt to start the work if you feel that you do not have the skills to complete the work. Always wear uniform and sturdy shoes while you are doing the renovation work all by yourself.

Home renovation done carefully can always give a fresh look to your home. Do not forget to have a home insurance that can cover you in case of any kind of unfortunate incidents. Be it a home renovation or shifting to a new home, home needs to be the place of our cozy comfort.