How SEO Techniques Changed In 2018?

We can all agree that everything around us changes in rapid motion. We live in the world that picked up the fast pace and SEO techniques are also changing. The worst thing about the SEO is that it can change and you might not even notice that.

Many businesses got problems and penalties because they didn’t know that SEO changed and it affected them too. If you are from Boston, you should stay ahead of the game by finding professional Boston SEO services that will help you deal with these changes in real time.

We decided to present you SEO techniques that you should use in 2018 based on the past changes:

  1. The Best Way To Improve Rankings Is To Improve Engagement

You probably understand that engagement is the ability to hold the visitor’s attention. When using SEO terms, it is the number of time visitors stayed on your website. Google tends to reward sites with strong user engagement by giving them higher ranks.

There are seven ranking factors in 2018:

  • Total visits
  • Search visits
  • Direct visits
  • Global rank
  • Bounce rate
  • Time on site
  • Page views

The idea is that if users spend more time on the page, it is because they found a useful page. Since the main goal of Google is to provide its users with the most useful and best possible results, it will consider engagement as the main factor in search engine result pages.

The question is how to increase site’s engagement?

  • Format Your Posts – When you have a website, the idea is to get the maximum readability possibility because that will lead to improvementsin engagement rate. First, the paragraphs should be short as well as sentences because it is difficult to follow long sentences onscreen. Use sub-headers and bullet points, but we recommend you to use the formatting because only a pure text is not interesting to read, and that will reduce the ranking points.
  • Capture Reader’s Interest – You can use techniques called bucket brigade, which will capture reader’s interests. The idea is to break a single thought into multiple sentences. You can use trigger phrases or words such as: check this and then finish with a colon.
  • Use Images – You should combine your posts with high quality, professional images, graphs, and The image is not just a way to fulfill the space, but it can present the idea in thousand words. They will also make the content more readable and will appeal to people especially if you use pretty pictures.
  1. Make Pages Longer

According to recent studies, the longer content you have, the higher possibilities are to get the better rankings. At the same time, the main problem is because writing blog posts that have more than 2000 words is time-consuming, especially if you want to stay interesting and informative.

The minimal length of content should be between 1200 to 2000 words. You can use the existing content that you have on the website and make it longer. It is simpler to update information and add extra content than writing everything from scratch.

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  1. YouTube Will Help You

You should have in mind that YouTube is one of the most popular search engines with more than 3 billion searches on a monthly basis. This is more than Yahoo and Bing combined, which is why you should implement videos on your website as a safe strategy to get points that are more ranking.

  • Make Video SEO Friendly – To make video SEO friendly; you should optimize the title, filename, the description because all these elements will lead to ranking. The idea is to make appealing and compelling video title, to make it clickable. Implement keywords and power words within the title.
  • Make Long Videos – Similar to other content; long videos will rank better in YouTube search. We recommend you to make a video at least five minutes long because long videos tend to get more traction.
  • Use Appealing Video Thumbnails – Having an appealing video thumbnail is the great headline that will help you obtain more clicks. This will also lead to more views and finally to better optimization, and all because you had a great thumbnail in combination with the title.