Short Layered Haircuts for Women for A Fun and Flirty Look


Are you looking for a cute short haircut for summer? Getting tired of pulling your hair back in a ponytail or up in a messy bun every time it’s too hot to handle? Why not opt for a short layered look? Short haircuts with layers are very in right now, and they leave a lot of room for style options.

Short hair is super in right now and it’s easy to see why. Short hair is sexy and chic and so much fun to style. Click here for more hot looks for short layered haircuts.

One of the best things about short layered haircuts is that they can add a ton of texture and body to your hair. If you are starting to notice that your longer locks are dull and lifeless, it could be time for a sassy new short haircut. And layers will add even more volume and bounce to your tresses!

The best thing about short hair is that it will always grow back. So if you find that you’re getting tired of your shorter style, or decide that it no longer suits out, you can always grow it out again! In fact, many women chop off their hair in the summer only to grow it out again during the winter!

Short layered haircuts will require a bit of upkeep. You should have your hair trimmed every four to eight weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows out. A trim will maintain your short layered cut and will keep your hair healthy as well.


Here are some pros of short layered haircuts to help convince you to take the plunge!

  1. Layers add a ton of volume to your hair: Long hair tends to weigh you down. It can look dull and dreary and it gets tangled so easily. You can spend so much time trying to style your longer locks, not to mention comb out the tangles and knots! Short, layered cuts will add a ton of body and texture to your hair. As well, it gives it more bounce and movement.
  2. Layers are great for girls with curls: If you have curly hair, you know that the longer it gets, the harder it is to maintain your gorgeous curly tresses. Short layers can add so much life to your curls and waves.
  3. Layers are a great way to show off your facial features: There are so many great layered short haircuts out there that you will be sure to find one to flatter your facial structure. From pixies to bobs to shaggy short cuts, the possibilities are endless.
  4. Colors look great on layers: If you love to experiment with hair color, what better way to show it off than with short layers? This is one of the best ways to add texture to your tresses!

Are you ready to trade in your long, lifeless tresses for short, sexy layers? Check out these hot short layered haircuts for a refreshing change this summer season!