Shower Cubicles – A new look and luxury for your bathroom!

Shower cubicles are popular as they are useful and also help in making a bathroom look better. Most cubicles are made of protective glass shields that provide security and also prevent splashing of water outside the cubicle. A cubicle ensures a private area inside the bathroom for more privacy and protection. This is where shower cubicles make the difference.

Tips for choosing your shower cubicles:

Shower cubicles come in various designs, styles, and shapes. They are installed either with sliding doors or fixed doors. Most shower cubicles are made of porcelain material as it is alkaline and resistant to acid and much better and durable compare of any other type of cubicle as its resistance power is very high. Apart from porcelain, shower cubicles come in acrylic material and fiber glass as well, but its durability and strength are not as high as the porcelain cubicles.

The size of room and cubicle:

Make sure you get a cubicle of adequate size to ensure that it can be used without feeling too cramped, however, make sure it is not too large that it takes up unnecessary floor space. Don’t get a very small cubicle as it might not be convenient to use.

The shape of the Cubicle:

The shape of the cubicle is as important as its size. If you’re trying to make large shower space in a small room then go for a quadrant shower cubicle as it gives an impression of a larger bathroom. Pentagon shaped cubicles would also work, but the end look would be angular. Most come type is the square shaped cubicle.

A glass of the cubicle:

Make sure you buy a clear and toughened glass for safety. Clear glass can also help in making the bathroom look bigger and also helps the feeling of bigger cubicle compared to other types. Make sure you buy it from a reputable place and ensure that the glass in safe.

Cubicle Frame:

The frame that surrounds the cubicle has an impact on overall adjustment of the cubicle when installing it. There might be an issue if the frame needs to be fitted in walls. For a sleek and modern look, select cubicle frames of smaller size.

Shower Walls:                                       

If the walls are not flat, square and level, shower walls would need adjustments to cope with variations. If the walls are totally out of order and uneven, they might need to be re-tiled and leveled before the installation of the shower cubicle.

Below are some advantages of shower cubicles:

There are several advantages of shower cubicles. Whether you want to have a relaxing experience or enjoy your bath, shower cubicle is meant for you. You can also add a number of attachments according to your preference to make the bathing experience as luxurious as possible. You could add a water jet for body massage or water proof music player etc. Below mentioned are some advantages of shower cubicles.

Moisture lock:

The cubicles help in the prevention of water spreading all over the bathroom and thus the water remains only in the shower cubicle. Therefore, as the bathroom will remain neat and moisture free and also safe as it prevents problems of mold and slipping over due to the wet floor.


While a great bathing experience is a guarantee, having a cubicle also increases the value of your bathroom. It gives are a good overall experience and also adds a modern, classy and sophisticated look to your bathroom.


As it would take up only a corner of the bathroom, you will have enough space for other essential requirements of the bathroom. Though these shower cubicles are designed for small bathrooms, you can also install them in the larger bathroom and use number of additional features.


As the water would only be limited to the interior of the shower cubicles, it is easy to clean your bathroom. You won’t need to deal with mold or damp bathrooms and thus maintenance is easy.

So whether you have a small bathroom, or you simply want a luxury bathing experience, you can use special features of shower cubicles and have a luxury of getting a relaxing shower every day at home. Shower cubicles come in various brands, so spend time and select a reputable manufacturer.