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Group Life Insurance – A deep insight

Life Insurance is an integral aspect of most individuals today.  Group life insurance is essential for the employees small and medium sized companies along with corporate.  It is important because the group plans help you get the best life coverage in the most cost effective price.  Further, it covers the family members of the insured.

SMH Insurance extends a wide range of options to choose from.  It has various options to meet the needs and budget of all companies.  It also offers optional coverage such as voluntary life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment policies, supplemental life coverage, dependent life insurance.  As the premium paid for this insurance is a part of the business deduction, it is much less expensive than a life coverage that is a part of the health insurance.

supplemental life coverage

The company also has Group disability insurance plans for the state of Virginia. These plans offer a lot of flexibility in short term and long term disability.  The virtue of this plan is to protect the employees’ right to earn, even in times of their disability.  If you have a specific disability protection requirement, we have the solution for you.

SMH Insurance also extends dental insurance solutions for small companies.  This is one of their most wanted employee aids.  Dental plans tend to be quite expensive and are a desired aspect of any employee benefit.  Although some businesses offer dental insurance, a large number of them offer this as an option benefit.  However, in order to apply it, the employee must pay full premium, with of course a premium reduction.

Group Health Insurance

Steven Hughes and his team have expertise in small businesses’ group health insurance virginia.  When they say small business they are referring to a company with two to fifty employees.  They provide insurance quote from the best insurance companies without any cost.  The client doesn’t have to make a purchase from them if the price doesn’t suit them.

Group health insurance Virginia

In order to purchase the group health insurance plan, Richmond Virginia, your company must have at least two employees.

To enroll in any kind of group insurance, contact Steven Hughes and his team.