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Tips for people planning home-renovation

When it comes to planning new home improvement project or reconstruction project, there are three steps to be followed. First, choosing the right builder, the second step is getting necessary permissions, and the third one is choosing the best option to finance your project.

Getting necessary permission papers

As far as permissions are concerned, every property has its own set of permitted rights. You need to be extra careful if you live in a conservation area.

Usually, people who opt for renovations are advised to make sure that the materials that they use for renovation appear similar, and suits their building’s overall look and structure. Rules related to replacement of windows and their glasses can actually force you to scratch your head.

There is no need to apply for permissions required in-order to paint your property or to carry minor repairing work. But again, make sure that whatever you are replacing should match your building’s overall look.

These days, several people are converting their property’s front garden into the driveway. This does require permission from local authorities. You should also make sure that you create the way for the water to drain away.

Building an extension may require several permissions. So, experts advise people to check rules and regulations regarding building an extension on local authority’s planning portal (website) before creating plans. Most of the rules are related to the type of construction materials, a maximum height of the new structure, and the amount of land that can be used for the project.

Loft conversions related projects may require building regulations approval.

The best option is to choose builder or contractor who is willing to manage all the documentation and processes related to getting necessary permissions for the project.

Choose the option to finance your project

After creating your plans for the project, the next step that you need to take is thinking about how you are planning to finance the project. There are several banks that offer home improvement loans. You can simply visit loan comparison sites to find the best offer possible.

If you have an existing mortgage on your property, you can also ask your bank for remortgage option. Consider opting for a loan with lowest interest rate and consumer friendly loan terms.

Check with your credit card company, perhaps they can offer zero per cent loan for purchases. Banks like Halifax do offer 0 per cent interest on purchases for 20 months on certain cards.

Even if you are planning to pay for the project using money from your savings, it is advisable to use your credit card for payment. There are several benefits of using your credit card for paying bills. You can earn rewards, cash-back, miles and even get extra protection against fraud for all the purchases made over £100. Refer to your card service provider for details, discuss this issue with your contractor, and make purchases from selected stores accordingly.

Choosing the best builder or contractor for your project

When it comes to choosing the builder for your home improvement project, opt for someone who is not only specialized in home renovations, but is also experienced in replacing windows, doors, loft conversions, decorating and painting, plastering, carpentry work, electrical work, bathroom renovations, plumbing work, and property maintenance.

The contractor should be able to offer quality assurance. Make sure that his/her team’s work will meet all the regulations and standards set by local and national Government authorities.

The contractor should have his own team of experienced engineers, craftsmen, and tradesmen. Avoid working with contractors that outsource their projects to third parties.

Ask the builder to provide the estimate of time and money required for the project. Ask the company to give you two different quotes with the difference in materials to be used for the project. Instead of getting quotes on telephone or online, it is advisable to let the company’s specialist visit your site, and then give quotes accordingly.