Corona Virus Lockdown

Help! We are Stuck: 200 Indian Citizen Stuck in Japan due to Corona virus Lockdown Till 3rd May 2020

The coronavirus COVID-19 is influencing 210 countries and regions around the globe and 2 universal movements. Japan is also a COVID-19 country, especially in Tokyo. The legislature has reacted by announcing an emergency in Tokyo and six different zones including Osaka, and an objective to cut collaborations between individuals by 70 percent.

A few days ago 200 Indians stuck in Japan had appeal for help. By Professional Some Indians are businessmen, Students, and employees. All Persons are appealing to Indian authorities seeking their intervention. They said that: We are in fear. They can’t talk properly to Japanese citizens because of a lack of Language. All Indians can communicate in Hindi and English Languages but Japanese people only understand the Japanese language.

Why Brining People to India Now is A Great Idea?

According to the situation in Japan, it is possible that these stuck Indians may or may not be infected with COVID-19. If, Government of India will decide that these stuck Indians will come back home before the 3rd of May. Then the Situation will be under control. Otherwise, we can say that if these people will come after the lockdown, then the situation may be critical.

So it’s my personal concern to Indian Government that please do something for these stuck people as soon as possible.

Tokyo detailed 47 instances of the disease, also called COVID-19, the greatest number in a solitary day. A day prior to, Tokyo enlisted 41 cases, activating worry that the infection is wild in the nation, and administration board found. The World Health Organization has announced the coronavirus episode a worldwide pandemic.

What’s the actual Situation of Japan?

Every day COVID-19 cases are increasing in Japan. Due to this situation, the Japan Government has declared the Lockdown, so all Offices, Restaurants, Hotels and locked. Meanwhile, all people are locked in their homes. Food has been a major problem for Indian passengers as mostly non-vegetarian food available in Japan.

There is a large exodus of Indian people from other countries and Japan is one of them. They are rushing home but they have no source of any come to India. Many people have already left for their native places after handing over the keys to their owners. Some Indians were working in Japan as an employee post and due to CIVID-19 they have resigned from their jobs and now they are homeless.

Living in Fear or Not?

These all people carrying high-value items and the drivers cannot afford to leave them unattended. They have been asking the government for a Rescue Flights. Japan’s Government is not able to help in any way. They are facing a lot of hardships and problems. They have no security kit and resource which will help these in Medical. They all feel helpless.

The huge number of students is stranded in Japan which went for their Education. Now, these students haven’t enough money for surviving this situation. Now Point is that how they will handle this situation because the lockdown process of Indian has been extended 3rd May. These People’s Family Members are waiting for them. They continuously are posting an emotional appeal by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platform to the Indian Government.

The quantity of affirmed cases worldwide has now outperformed 2,029,974 while the loss of life has crossed 129,264 and almost 108,000 have recuperated. Italy, China, Iran, and Spain keep on being the nations hardest hit. Regardless of the rising number of cases, most who contract the infection endure just mellow indications before making recuperation.