Privacy on the Internet

Is your privacy safe on the internet? Most people don’t realize that the internet is not a very private place. If you don’t take steps to protect your confidentiality and privacy on the internet, anyone can see what you’re doing and even access your private information.

Improving privacy

The best way to improve your privacy on the internet is by using a VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. You don’t need to know much about computers to know how to use a VPN, so don’t be put off by the name. All you have to do is open your VPN before connecting to the internet.

Whenever you connect to the internet, without VPN برنامج,means anyone can see your online identity through your IP address. This digital identity can be used to find out where you live, what your favorite websites and online content is, and even worse if you aren’t careful. Many of us use the internet every day and this might never happen to you, but why put yourself at that risk? By first using a VPN, your privacy is guaranteed. A VPN hides you from the outside world by hiding your digital identity (IP address) behind a fake (‘virtual’) one.


What else can a VPN do?

Change your digital identity, VPNs allow you to do a lot of other things that you previously wouldn’t have been able to.

1. Accessing Blocked Content – sometimes you might come across a website that you can’t access even though you know it is a proper website. An example of this would be Netflix USA if you are trying to access it from any country other than America. This is happening because some companies, websites, and even governments, stop certain people from accessing certain online content. Luckily, by using a VPN you can get around these blockages. All you have to do is change your VPNs location (server) to the country you want to connect to. For example, if you want to watch Netflix USA from another country, all you have to do is connect your VPN to an American server and you will have instant access.

2. Download P2P Content – P2P downloads are also sometimes unavailable based on your current location. These downloads take place directly between the downloader (peers) and the person uploading (seed) the content. These downloads can be a very useful way to share content, but the P2P interaction may be blocked by your ISP. A VPN can prevent your ISP from picking up on your real IP address and will not be able to stop you from downloading your favorite content.

3. Getting better deals online – You’ll be surprised to find that online prices are different based on where you are shopping from. Most notably, airline tickets and hotel fares can vary drastically based on what country you are shopping from. Instead of paying more than you have to, change your location with your VPN and get the best prices possible.