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If you’re wondering how to write a report and you’re jumping from page to page looking for a complete guide that explains to you, point by point, how to write a perfect report, you’ve finally found the one that’s right for you.

·         The reports are documents whose drafting can refer to various fields, professional, university and family.

·         Regardless of the objective to which they tend, there are general rules to follow in order for the text to be effective.

Since this is a paper that is often used in universities, especially with reference to the field of research, the University has decided to create a post entirely dedicated to the topic.

Reading the following paragraphs you will find out exactly what a report is, what it is for and what are the steps to follow to create a well-structured, readable and understandable document.

What is a report

‘Report’ is an English term commonly used to indicate a report, or more generally an informative document.This is a descriptive account that contains facts or data in a clear and faithful manner.Its use is particularly frequent in the professional field, where it is mainly used as an information tool to transmit analysis results, forecasts, etc.

It is particularly useful for monitoring the performance of activities and the related results.To be effective, a good report must be read and, based on the content, it must stimulate you to take one or more actions.

·         Depending on the area to which it refers, the objective to which it relates and the type of information it intends to convey, the document takes different forms: in the corporate context it can be aimed at providing a general overview of productivity trends, feasibility of a project and the data of an analysis; in the academic field it is often used to communicate the results of scientific research or a statistical study.

·         Whatever the type of report, it is important that the work is easy to understand, concise but complete at the same time.

·         At the level of textual organization it must be ordered and well-structured from the point of view of the layout.

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How to write a report

The basis from which to draw up a perfect relationship is to identify the main objective to which it aims.

The phase that precedes the writing is aimed at answering a question: ‘what message do I intend to convey and what result do I intend to reach through it?’

Once the purpose has been identified, the target audience, i.e. the public to which the document is addressed, is analyzed.