The name “Penang” was derived from Malay word which means Betel Nut and literally, Penang means Betel Nut Island. Later it was named after Prince-of-Wales-Island, honoring King George 4. Currently, Penang is recognized as 3rd largest economy countrywide after Johor and Selangor.

It is also highly ranked among the location in Asia where tourist prefers to visit. All these are based on the most attractive places to visit in Penang. Additionally, other favorable features in Penang include air quality, weather, infrastructure, housing, health services, politics, and security. The following are some of the most attractive sites in Penang:

5 acre-Penang-Bird-Park

Five acre Penang Bird Parkland area consists of over 300 birds’ species from all around the globe, including other common and striking ones. It is a stunning landscape garden that features the impressive combination of flora amongst free-hoping pelicans, swans, flamingos, storks, and duck. Penang-Bird-Park also includes the varieties of wildlife species like reptiles, deer, and tortoises.

The Biggest Mengkuang Dam

Mengkuang is the biggest dam in Penang with a capacity storage of 23, 639 liters of water. This dam is located in MengKuang Valley of Bukit Mertajam on a mainland. Similarly, this is also the best spot for nature lovers since it features a well-landscaped garden with pine trees, rubber, and Pinang as well as other wildlife.

Besides using walking trails and jogging tracks, fitness clubs are also among the regular sporting as well as the recreational activities. Mengkuang Dam is also among the venues for the yearly Penang-International-Dragon-Boat Festival.

St. Anne’s Catholic Church

The name ‘St. Anne” was derived from the Blessed Mother Virgin Mary, which has a capacity sitting of 1,800. The grand scale celebrations are held every year in conjunction with the annual feast of St. Anne in the month of July.  It is usually followed by 2 nights of candlelight possessed by hundreds of believers in the church ground.

Annually on 29 July, The festivals at St. Anne is the yearly event where the Catholics in Penang congregate at St. Anne Catholic church to pay their respect to the patron’s saints. The annual feast at St. Anne is usually held yearly at the end of July. This event usually attracts thousands of crowds up to the quarter millions and concluding with the possession of candle lights.

Ninth Emperor God’s Temple

Ninth Emperor which is also recognized as the temple of God is annually decorated for an annual 9 Emperor Gods Festival on each 9th month of Chinese-Lunar-Calendar also known as Kew Ong Yeah.  It is a beautiful temple that was built by an impressive architecture. The curving and sculptures are very attractive and nice. This temple was built in the year 2000 by nearly 60 craftsmen base in China. These are three major prayer halls that replace the old temple which was constructed in the year 1971.


The Sunway-Carnival-Mall is situated in midst of Seberang Jaya, Northern, Penang, in Malaysia. Shoppers can get various choices in accessories, fashion, shoes, Jewellery, Video, music, timepieces, souvenirs, gifts, books, leathers, pharmacies, home décor, electrical products, restaurant, Cineplex, amusement center, cafes, and restaurants.