The Wheel Of Fortune – Everything You Need To Know! 

Wheel Of Fortune

When it comes to luck and destiny, there is hardly a culture in the world that doesn’t believe in superstitions or ‘science.’ The wheel of fortune is also one of the 78 tarot cards. It is the tenth in the trump cards (major arcana cards) in most tarot decks. It is equally popular as a game and for divination.

What does the wheel of fortune look like? 

At first, the card from the legendary Rider- Waite tarot deck lead to significant development in tarot cards. The deck of the religious system Hermetic magic also laid the foundation of the modern-day deck.

The wheel does not always bear some scribbled letters. The words T-A-R-O or T-O-R-A are often seen at the four spokes of the wheel. Sometimes, additional letters of alchemy for the earth, water, fire, and air are also inscribed. These signs are also prominent on the magician’s tables.

The creatures on the wheel of fortune 

The wheel of fortune card (the Waite deck) bears the four-winged creatures. The Lion, The Ox, The Man, and The Eagle are present on the four corners of the card. They also represent the four astrological signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. The god Anubis is also depicted, rising from the wheel.

What does this card represent? 

Understanding what the card represents is very important. It represents destiny, success, elevation, fortune, luck, and felicity when on the front. When it comes to the reversed side, increase in abundance and opulence.

The Wheel of Fortune card is a card among the 78 card deck of tarot cards. It has existed for years and is associated with several divinities. It is very common today. Owing to the existence of this card, the modern-day tarot deck was created. Thus, it is like a legacy that is being carried on to date.