Things that customers expect from a customer service call

It is common to call customer service whenever you are not happy with aproduct or service. Most of the people feel to look for customer service numbers whenever they face issues using a business product or service. Not all customer services are efficient enough to handle customer queries. Often the customers are left unsatisfied leading to a massive business loss. Customer service is an integral part of every business.

Some experiences that I had!

Last week I called the customer service of a food delivery app. The customer service executive was courteous enough to greet me and listen to my problems. He apologized for the inconvenience caused and then listened to my problems carefully. He resolved the problem and made me happy with a perfect solution. The other day I called the grocery store online where my problems of orders missing were resolved in some time. But I had bad experiences too. The customer service calls related to my phone network has always been a disaster. The customer service teams never responded me on time and kept me waiting. Even when they turned up, they never came up with convincing solutions.

So, what does a customer expect from a customer service call? The following points below would help one to understand.

Customers want their expectations to be met: Customers always want a proper solution of the problem they come up with. When customers contact the customer care, they have certain expectations in mind. It can be anything like a possible solution or a certain level of customer care.

Customers prefer a quick response: There is possibly no customers who wants to keep on waiting for their calls to be answered. It is not a good impression on the business where a person is waiting to talk to a customer service executive.

Customers seek human approach: Most of the customers do not want a robot to talk to them. They seek human interference in a call rather than robots talking to them. With the advent of technology, robots have taken the place of human beings for interacting with customers. Customers seek for a human voice to interact with them, to understand their needs and come up with an effective solution.

Customers want quick solution: Even when people are done with the customer call it is very important for the business to resolve the issues quickly. So, the customer call agent must process the queries soon and come up with a possible solution. No customer wants to be on hold while their issues are not resolved.

Good customer service is all people want: It has always been seen customers talk about their negative experienceswhen compared to the good ones. Customers expect a certain level of respect from the customer agent failure to which can have a negative effect on the brand.

Customers prefer contact options: Customers always prefer a contact option to be open 24×7. Chatting online or email is still not that much preferred as consumers tend to talk to customer agents directly over call. Even if the technology evolves, customer service numbers are something consumers prefer.

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