Top 5 Things Politicians do or Say to Win Elections

If there is one skill that politicians need to master, it’s the art of connecting with the public. Win the people’s hearts, and you win the election. Here are some tactics that politicians have used to win the people’s favour.

Take Part in Sports to Connect with Voters

Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten were seen in the fields, taking part in football games in an attempt to connect to the majority of the country’s people.

Since most Australians were highly active in sports, at the very least an enthusiastic supporter, these politicians along with several others have been using sports as a tool to connect with their people.

Turnbull, as an example, even declared sports as a metaphor for life. So, here’s a lesson: Find something that most of the nation’s people love, and use it as a campaigning tool.

Campaign on Social Media

While posting and advertising on their Facebook pages will not help politicians to win an election, social media does work well in creating awareness about what they have been doing.

Politicians can use high-impact images of themselves taking part in social work and create some local awareness. Social media ads are also more affordable and trackable as compared to offline ad formats such as TV and radio.

Since online voting is on the rise, campaigning efforts are also moving to the online platform as well.

Create “Exclusive” Interviews

Offer one-to-one interview sessions shortly before the election, and a politician is bound to get plenty of free news coverage for it.

Campaigners can offer these interviews to different platforms and areas back-to-back, and the public will not stop hearing about them and their “exclusive” interviews on the TV news and radio broadcasts for the entire week leading up to the election.

Often, these interviews are offered on short notice, and the interviewers are made to feel unique enough that they cannot help but take up the offer. That is a way to gain free publicity!

Create Staged Political Rallies

Rallies are considerably common. These events show the public’s excitement and support for the candidate, and you often see the voters waving their homemade signs during these events.

Who is to say that this isn’t a paid campaigning opportunity by politicians? Part of their campaign budget can go to hiring people to dress like certain people – teachers, factory workers, et. cetera.

These campaign workers and volunteers will help to paint the politician in a better light. As an example, politicians can include individuals posing as ecstatic teachers to be in their rallies if they happen to be doing poorly with teachers.

Focus on Diversity

People love to know that they are remembered and cared about. Let the public know that you value everybody, regardless of their races, jobs and ages in your campaigns. You can put these messages separately, or address them together in a single campaigning message.

When you show concern and support for all folks, you are making yourself open to the population that you might not have been targeting in the first place.

You can then start approaching these groups of people and perhaps even gain their support for your upcoming election.

Image Pexels License CCO