Various types of Disposable Cups for Restaurants

Custom Disposable Coffee Cups

            If you’re a restaurant or a cafe owner that plans to launch a big restaurant at your place. Then you will need to be prepared with a lot of restaurants supplies. Such as silverware, sauce cups, napkins, straws, and especially drinking cups. In fast food and casual restaurants, custom disposable coffee cups come in various materials. It also servers a lot of secondary purposes.

Are you searching for a sturdy and clear cup? Or a cup that shows graphics very well? Below are the types of cups that are available at eating establishments.

Different Types of Disposable Cups in Restaurants:

  • Biodegradable- these are cups that can be smashed down naturally by fungus or bacteria. That is also absorbed into the ecosystem once more. These cups are widely known to be eco-friendly and are made of constituent components.
  • Degradable- Degradable cups unlike biodegradable cups are composed of oil-based materials. And don’t easily break down naturally. Degradable products are dilapidated with chemical reactions that take place in anaerobic environments. Their decomposition leads to biomass, carbon dioxide, and water.

Custom Disposable Coffee Cups

  • Poly-Coated Paper- Poly-coated cups are paper cups that are useful for serving beverages cold or hot. These cups can either be single or dual poly coating, with an added layer providing rigidity. The lining also maintains beverages inside the cup. And avoid the cup’s exterior from making it weaker from condensation. These cups have a broad array of colors and sizes. That’s why they’re considered marketing-friendly. They also have tightly rolled rims that make them amazing to use with lids.
  • Compostable- the products that are known as compostable are moved towards the composition. That is breaking down biodegradable materials. These materials turn into materials that are rich in nutrients. Compostable cups decay and decompose at the same step. As paper without evaporating harmful toxins.
  • Foam- foam cups provide an exceptional amount of insulation. They’re very reliable as long as the user will not poke holes intentionally through the cup. They both maintain cold and hot drinks. These cups have a better shape compared to the paper cups can. As they’re affordable and lightweight. Foam cups are available in patterns, plain white, or in a custom print for businesses.
  • Wax-Coated Paper- wax-coated cups like poly-coated paper has extra firmness. And can also protect drinks from absorption and leakage. They’re also decent insulators. They feature tightly rolled rims that result in them being great to use with lids. Wax-coated paper is perfect for cold drinks, like lemonade, soda pop, iced tea, and many more.
  • Polystyrene- Polystyrene is plastic cups that can either be in completely clear or solid colors. They are composed of materials that are high-impact and are flexible. Yet also shatterproof and sturdy. These cups have different shapes, sizes, styles, and have smooth rolled rims. These cups are great for parties and public events. Yet, these cups are not suitable for warm beverages. So you can use them only with cold water, soda pop, lemonade, and a lot more.

Disposable cups are widely used in different restaurants and coffee shops, it also comes with different benefits. Business owners should also use supplies that will not harm the environment.